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The pandemic resulted in several jobs lost over the past year. Remote jobs that primarily rely on technology for work and not face-to-face interaction are becoming the new norm. However, as people are worried about stepping outside, remote job scams have also changed significantly.

What are Remote Job Scams?

Remote job scams are harmful to the participants. If you find a job posting that offers a lucrative opportunity, do your research before giving away any information.

While some job scams are only responsible for wasting your time, others might be using them to get your personal information. An even worse situation is when these scammers aim for your financial assets.

These scammers generally pose as a representative for a reputable company to gain the trust of unsuspecting job seekers.

Why are Felons More Likely to Fall for These Scams?

Felons are more susceptible to these scams as their job opportunities are limited. The lack of proper jobs makes them more zealous to get a good-paying job. Also, people who have spent a significant amount of time in jail might not know the recent scams.

Common Remote Job Scams

Some jobs are more accessible to fake online than others. So, here are some common remote job scams to be wary of while applying online.

1. Data Entry

These positions offer massive pay for work that does not require much skill. They come in several forms and require payment upfront and generally pay way less than advertised.

2. Pyramid Marketing

Pyramid marketing is another job profile that is a scam. The business model is not lucrative, and it mainly relies on the exchange of money. There are different forms of pyramid schemes floating in the market.

3. Stuffing Envelopes

Stuffing envelopes is another fraud that relies on you to convince more people to buy the envelope-stuffing work. It is commission-based work, and you generally have to pay a fee.

4. Wire Transfers

Wire Transfers are swindles that mostly thieves use to get money from job seekers. It includes a fraudulent transfer of money that is hard to reverse. 

5. Direct Job Offers

If you are getting a once of a lifetime opportunity that you are not actively seeking, do not answer the text or email, and do not click on any links.

6. Re-shipping Online

Re-shipping online jobs are a big no as it can include becoming a criminal unintentionally. The work essential includes repacking and forwarding stolen goods to people outside of the USA. Also, the chance of getting any money for the job is next to impossible. 

How to Identify Remote Job Scams?

  • If a company asks for a payment, view the opportunity with suspicion.
  • If it is a pyramid scheme, you need to step away from it right away.
  • Any employer who is too eager to hire is a red flag.
  • If a company asks you to pay upfront for the work.

Avoid Remote Job Scams with These Tips

Avoiding remote job scams requires vigilance on your part. Here are steps to follow while looking for a job.

  • Do not respond to the calls, messages, and other forms of communication from suspicious sources.
  • Do not share personal information and financial assets. 
  • Do not click on links on these dubious sources.
  • If the job sounds too lucrative, it probably is.
  • Go through the company and if it looks shady, stop responding to the executive.

Specific sources of jobs online are much more secure than others. A position on a telegram does not hold the same weight as a job on a New Jersey official government website.

Hence, always look for credible sources while searching for a job. But, still, stay vigilant.

In Case Of A Scam, What Should You Do?

If you get stuck in a scam, follow the process.

  • Report to the appropriate authorities about the scam
  • Seek help from professionals to process the problem if you feel mentally pressured.


Specific job opportunities are better than others. And several scams can happen when you are looking for a job online. Hence, being aware and vigilant is essential to get the results and not fall prey to such schemes.

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