As someone who has the capabilities to be a restaurant manager, being a felon should not discourage you. Since this is a high-ranking role, you should be prepared for investigations, which will involve a background check on your past records.

If it has been seven years since you were charged with a felony, you have very little to worry about. This is because, even for the role of a manager, companies don’t usually exceed seven years when they check your past records.

In this article, you will find out what makes you qualify as a restaurant manager. You will also learn more about the type of background check companies do for this position. When you are equipped with the right knowledge, you will be able to easily get employed as a restaurant manager.

What do you need to be a restaurant manager?

You need a high school diploma (at least). And you should also have a lot of experience with the way restaurants are run. This is a high-level role, so your experience is what will give you an edge over others.

You should understand customer service and must have successfully managed a restaurant or similar business in the past. You must have had training in food safety and also be financially literate.

Please note that the role of a manager is connected with finance. So if you have been convicted of fraud, theft, or any other monetary crimes, you may not get this job.

The background check

During the background check, the recruiters will carry out thorough investigations. And they will check for the following information in your records.

Your credit history: as already stated, the job of a manager involves financial supervision. So when a restaurant checks your credit history, they want to know how financially prudent you are. If they are satisfied, then they have been convinced that you will apply that wisdom to their business.

Your criminal record: this should not come as news. They want to know if you have been charged with any crimes and also want to know the nature of the crimes you have been charged with. If it has any relationship with your duties as a restaurant manager, they won’t employ you.

Your educational records: the restaurant will check your records to confirm your educational qualifications. If the recruiters need a degree and you provide one, they may go as far as contacting your school to be sure of your certificate. This is why you should never lie on your resume or interview.

Your driving history: whether you are going to drive or not, most employers check for this record. If you have accidents and ticketing issues, it may reduce your chances.

Also, if the restaurant finds any records that show you driving under the influence, it would negatively affect your chances. But if you have had a clean driving record for the last two to five years, you have nothing to worry about.

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