Resume is the first introduction between employer and employee. So, while writing resume for felons, some focus should go towards soft skills.

People with similar skill sets, sometimes better experience and education send applications for the same job. A felony record, combined with high competition for jobs, will likely lead to a refusal.

But, it is possible to avoid such a fate by making a solid resume. There is not much that ex-offenders can alter in their work experience, criminal background, and technical skill sets. Hence, the focus should shift to soft skills. It is one place where an applicant can utilize their personality to get that call for an interview.

Resume for Felons – Company’s Environment

Every company has a distinct work culture in place. Depending on the business model and branch, the working environment can change. So, before resume writing, determine your choice of work culture.

A punctual person who comes and leaves on time is far different from someone who isn’t particular about the timing but will stay behind to complete work.

Hence, a resume writer should know the company’s environment and enlist soft skills that complement the office culture.

To understand the work culture, read about the company. Also, have a look at their job listing in detail. Companies use job listings to create demand for a certain type of worker. Creating a resume around it will improve your chances of success during the job hunt.

Resume for Felons – Soft Skills Definition

Soft skills are also known as work-readiness skills or people skills. The list of skills will include the applicant’s attitudes, attributes, and manners.

Employers use people skills on the resume as an indicator of the applicant’s compatibility for the job. Hirers look at soft skills while employing processes.

After prison time, soft skills can become a saving grace on your resume.

People learn some soft skills in school and others in everyday life. These improve as you grow older. Use a checklist to tick mark the people skills you have cross out the ones you don’t.

Some Typical Soft Skills to Mention

Some examples of soft skills that you can mention on the resume include:

  • Patient: Patience is a virtue that everyone needs in office space. Mention the same on your resume.
  • Punctual: On-time people are crucial for businesses that run on tight schedules. So, if you are punctual about time, mention the same.
  • Self-Motivated: Working independently, while in a team or individually, requires motivation that comes from within.
  • Comfortable working with different people: Jobs generally require employees to work with people from all classes, ethnicities, and other distinct backgrounds. So, mention the acceptance of all people.
  • Quick learner: Every job starts with a learning curve as per the new environment. List your skill to learn everything quickly.
  • Team worker: Check if the position requires you to work in a team or individually. But, still mention team work to show your social skills.
  • Rule follower: Another crucial trait to mention, especially for ex-felons, is the ability to follow the rules.
  • Problem-solving: People with excellent problem-solving skills applying for positions with the requirement should put the trait on top of the list.
  • Responsible: People who take responsibility are generally liked by the upper management.
  • Friendly & Respectful: Friendliness and respectful behavior are the norms in office spaces. If you enjoy engaging with others, mention the two traits.

These are only some of the soft skills that applicants can enlist on the resume.

How Soft Skills Affect Your Growth

Apart from the initial hiring, your resume is also responsible for retention and promotions. So, only list traits that will show in your work.

Lying is never the correct path while writing resumes.


Writing a complete resume can become challenging. With financial stability on the line, it is acceptable to hire professionals for the job. But, to get a professional resume, you must first draft a shorter version. The draft is what the professional uses to create the final product.

Also, ensure that you mention every soft skill that you can find. Only once you are done, edit out the ones that seem repetitive or incompatible with your personality.

While writing resume for felons, re-checking the work is mandatory. Revision ensures error-free copy and more control on the product that reaches employers.

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