Applying for too many jobs but not getting any interviews? There might be some serious mistakes in your resume! It is one of the foremost factors that decide whether you are fit for the described role. But, the resume mistakes can make the hiring managers pass over your document and read the more compelling ones.

Resumes generally include your professional profile, job history, education, work experience/internship, certifications, or more. However, you should write everything in a summarized manner to create a convincing resume. Take note that a well-versed resume makes you confidently search for your favorite jobs.     

Therefore, professional resume writing from a trustworthy service provider can make your resume stand out. The experts review the information to be extra-certain and search for any mistakes just to make it good-to-go. 

This content piece will discuss the resume mistakes you should avoid before starting your job search.   

Avoid these Resume Mistakes to Get that Job

Having a nicely-created resume is essential for all job seekers, especially if you are a beginner or an individual who just got out of prison. While not all employers want to hire felons in their company, there are chances that a resume can bring any opportunity.

However, a poorly designed resume doesn’t make you unqualified or unfit for the job. Even professionals can make common errors and risk their chances of getting hired.

An error-free resume is indeed the entry key to the interview. It doesn’t matter how good you are at face-to-face interviews; a resume is still the ultimate doorway to that face-to-face discussion.  

So, avoid these resume mistakes to make it bulletproof.

1. Grammatical Mistakes

First things first, grammatical mistakes in your resume might pull out your chances of getting a YES from the employer. It’s quite obvious that the person reading your resume will not wait for a second to reject your application.

Chances are, the employer might think you are irresponsible or you don’t have the right knowledge of reading/writing English.

Many job seekers come to a sticky end because of a grammatically incorrect resume. You should make your resume shine with zero spell-check errors, no typos, and perfect grammar. So, ensure to avoid any such mistakes and make your resume completely error-free. You can use some online tools for help.

2. Too Long or Too Short Information

Even if you have multiple degrees and work experiences, your resume should not be more than one page or two pages to the maximum. So, make sure you keep the length of shared information balanced.

A too long or too short resume can be irrelevant for some employers, and you might lose the chance of getting interviewed.

For beginners, it’s better to provide info about their skills, objective, and general info. For experienced professionals, it’s good to format the resume to make it one or two pages.

3. Providing Irrelevant Information – Skills and Job Duties

Resume should be specific. From layout to designing, everything should be done considering employer mindset.

Including unrelated skills to the job in your resume won’t take you anywhere. The hiring person will overlook your application if specific job duties (directly related to the job) are not highlighted.

Similarly, you should also describe job duties relevant to the specific job role.

4. Missing or Invalid Contact Information

Hiring managers look past those resumes with missing or outdated candidates’ personal information. If your phone number or email address is no longer working, make sure to remove it before applying.

If you have forgotten the password to that email, recover it or provide only the valid email address. The company might confirm various things before shortlisting your resume.

If your phone number is out-of-reach, switched off, invalid, or is not there on the resume, you have already lost the chance of getting shortlisted.

5. Sharing Salary Expectations

Including your salary expectations in the resume will make it look unprofessional. The salary expectations you are looking for can be lower or higher than the employer. In both cases, your chances of getting into any interview are less. So, it’s better to avoid including salary things in your application.

In fact, keep note of the salary point and discuss the same during a face-to-face interview. It will look professional, and you might get more than expected too.

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