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No doubt, America has already taken some major steps toward felony employment. They want to offer every opportunity to felons so that they can secure their felon jobs. Thanks to the leaders of our country. They have realized how much these second chance jobs for felonscan add to our society. It can make a felon more productive and law-abiding. Therefore, he can be a member of society.

At the same time, we can break the crime cycle by reducing the crime rate. That is why it can offer us a safer society in the near future. Apart from that, it allows the law enforcement branch to focus on the other threats to public safety.

Under the ruling of the current government, the process truly gains more speed. Our president has already granted pardons to many prisoners. At the same time, he has modified the sentences of many felons. Besides that, the current government has created a complete plan to raise the job opportunities for felons.

Undoubtedly, all of these are aimed to strengthen our society as well as our country. In this article, we will discuss all of these prospects that the current government is offering for felony employment. Let’s take a look at those:

DOJ-DOL Partnership: Offering Job Training and Second-Chance Reentry Program for Federal Prisoners

This is the first time the DOL teams with the DOJ. This union is known as DOJ-DOL Partnership. In fact, this is just a part of enforcing the “First Step Act” by the DOJ. For the first time, DOL is offering several job training programs to enhance skills for felon jobs. Besides that, they are also offering a reentry program for prisoners.

They have already declared an investment of $145 million over the next year. And the intention is very clear. They want to offer training programs to every felon. These training programs will definitely enhance their skills. At the same time, these will boost their confidence to secure felon jobs.

Thus, this is one of the most compelling pieces of evidence of their effort. At present, any convicted felon can take part in these training programs upon release from prison.

Expanding Second Chance Job Opportunities and Loan Programs

Besides the DOJ-DOL collaboration, the DOL has shown its promise to offer more job prospects and loan programs. All of these are focused to create more felon jobs. They have already granted a fund of $140 million. At the same time, they have divided this fund into two different programs for felons. These are:

  • Growth Opportunities
  • Pathway Home

The first one offers many opportunities to any youth with a criminal record. These include:

  • Education and training
  • Mentorship
  • Paid work experience
  • Leadership development

DOL has approved a fund of $85 million for this program.

The latter one is a $55 million program. It offers various opportunities for adults with felony backgrounds. From pre-apprenticeship programs to post-release career counseling, this program includes everything. This time they really want to expand the felony employment option to a great extent.

Offering Best Practices to Recruit Ex-Convicted Felons for the Federal Jobs

OPM has recently released a detailed guideline for federal job applicants with felony records. At the same time, OPM has announced to host many training sessions to prepare ex-felons for felon jobs. These training sessions will allow them to sit in front of the HR professionals. So, they can directly learn from them how to approach an interview. Besides that, they will learn how to address their background and many more. At the same time, they can clear all their queries and doubts.

OPM has already hosted a training session on April 28, 2022. And the aim of this training session is very clear. OPM wants to assist federal recruiters, HR officials, and DEIA practitioners in hiring ex-cons for federal felon jobs.

In addition, OPM is focused on removing the bias in federal employment for ex-felons. They have already announced to publish proposed regulations. These will include everything proposed in the federal government’s “Ban the Box” policy.  More, OPM has planned to implement an accountability step. This step is accountable to the recruiters who have violated the procedures mentioned in the “Ban the Box” policy. So, this will certainly speed up the hiring process for ex-convicted felons.

Investing Huge Amounts in the Infrastructure Development to Promote More Second-Chance Job Opportunities

The DOT is also focused on expanding felony job options. So, they have approved several job act grants and infrastructure development programs. These include:

  • INFRA Grants
  • RAISE Grants
  • Port Infrastructure Development Program

Besides that, BJA has also recently recruited two ex-convicted felons. These two will basically help them in the development of the current reentry policy for felon jobs. One of them will work particularly with the ED. The person will help them to reform the educational policy for felons.

Supporting the National Reentry 2030 Campaign

BJA has recently partnered with the Council of State Governments. And they have started the “National Reentry 2030” campaign. This program proposes to work with all the state leaders to form common reentry goals for ex-convicted felons by 2030. This will surely help to experience better economic outcomes for our country.

Besides that, NRRC has hosted several events regarding second-chance job training and technical aid. All of these events aim to expand the job options for felons in honor of Second Chance Month. At the same time, NRRC has notified to launch of a reentry toolkit.

This toolkit is designed for all the leaders connected to the reentry coalition. And the purpose is very clear. They want to allow those leaders to assess the current options for felon jobs and plans for the reentry program. They believe that it will result in strong outcomes for any individual with a criminal record. Besides that, NRRC is focused on hosting its database of every reentry resource.

Final Thoughts

We hope now you have a clear picture of the initiatives taken by the current government for felony employment. Without a doubt, our country has earned the top position in expanding second-chance job options for ex-felons. And the current government has certainly shown its promise to remove all the bias regarding felon jobs. In order to achieve their goal, they are totally focused to promote more job options for the convicted felons. They believe the success of their effort will make our community safer. At the same time, it will brace the economy of our country.

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