There are many business ideas for felons that you can get online. Their availability is immensely important since it provides meaningful ways of earning money. Also, it provides second chance jobs for felons and thus effectively brings down recidivism rates.

Here, we have listed several business ideas from which you can get inspired. You can certainly use these ideas to sell on Etsy.

Importantly, selling on Etsy requires knowing important details. Especially as a felon, you may wonder about the implications of business guidelines. Explore the necessary details here to get a head start in your business career.

List of Business Ideas for Felons

Etsy needs no introduction. It’s a great online marketplace where you can sell and buy many items starting from vegan chocolates to soaps.

There is no scarcity of ideas for starting your business on Etsy. Below are ideas that have immense potential to bring income and showcase your creativity or management skills.

Handmade Jewelry

If you love designing and can understand the likes of jewelry users, try selling handmade jewelry on Etsy.

But handmade jewelry is a wide section. You have variations based on materials like copper jewelry and oxidized ones, to mention a few. There are also variations based on location and the dressing choices of people.

So, before starting a jewelry business on Etsy, figure out which kinds you want to sell. And that surely helps in deciding the cost of raw materials.

CustomisedGift Sets

Among business ideas for felons listed here, this one requires no creativity. You need analytic skills to understand how customers like gifts on special days and occasions.

You need to buy and assemble different items like chocolate, books, or pens in a single gift set. Also, people change the contents of gift sets based on various celebrations.

Journaling Supplies

The market offers high demand for this business. Every now and then, you come across journals and planners in attractive designs and colors on Instagram.

These printable goods need some creativity and planning. Decide and give your designs to agencies, and they will give you the completed printed goods.

Knitting Goods

People love to wear handmade knitted scarves, sweaters, and tops. So, if you love to knit, why not use it to make your bank account bulky?

Also, if you are considering knitting for an Etsy business, you have many options. There is also great demand for knitted bookmarks and cup holders.

Skincare Items

These carry high potential and can be good business ideas for felons. We mean bath bombs, handmade soaps, skin scrubs, and perfumes by skincare goods.

Among these mentioned ones, bath bombs are quite easy to make. 

Vintage Dresses

You can never ignore the appeal of vintage dresses. You can create if you have design skills and know your way with sewing machines. And sell vintage dresses on Etsy.

Ceramic Goods

Starting from coffee mugs to plates, Etsy carries great potential for the growth of a ceramic business. However, starting cost is high compared to other business ideas for felons.

Home Décor

This includes curtains, table mats, flower vases, and anything that enhances the look of your house. But, this is a diverse area and can make you overwhelmed.

So, make sure you decide well what you want to sell.


Making chocolates at home is easier compared to other handmade goods. Besides, you have endless options to explore for the chocolate business on Etsy. Especially you can make and sell vegan, milk, dark, and fruit chocolate, to mention a few.

How to Sell on Etsy?

  • First, start by creating an account
  • Also, note down the credentials
  • Afterward, set up your profile
  • Next, give your shop details
  • Add products to the Etsy shop
  • Also, decide your pricing

Additionally, for more help, read this Etsy guide.

DoesEtsyHave Rules for Business Ideas for Felons?

Etsy offers no specific guidelines for felons. So that makes the platform an attractive option for people, including felons facing difficulty in getting a steady job.

Besides, Etsy clearly states they don’t need you to have a license to handle business on Etsy. It, however, has rules followed by standard online business platforms.

But you need to check the list of prohibited items on Etsy. Also, check if your country of residence has the availability of Etsy payments.

Final Thoughts

A great number of business ideas for felons can help you to get inspiration. Undoubtedly, go for the idea that matches your skill or preference and schedule.

To start an online business, you can use Etsy. After making account and listing products, you are good to go.

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