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Leading a life of dignity is crucial to human wellbeing. Every human has the right to live their life freely and have proper rights in the USA.

The notion of freedom is strongly supported by the legislation in the States. But, it is only true for people who have steered clear of any convictions.

For people with criminal charges, living a life of dignity is next to impossible. It is especially true for felons.

People want to take every second chance they can get. But, they are unwilling to offer the same kindness to others. 

Who are Felons?

Felony is among the more dangerous crimes. They are normally violent offenses like murder, assault, domestic violence, drug-related crime, kidnapping, and others.

Fraud and arson are the other two crimes that come under felony. But, they are related to property damage.

Moreover, in some cases, the degree of severity can turn a misdemeanor into a felony. Repeated Driving under Influence (DUI) offenses can turn into a felony conviction.

A felony can result in a sentence of one year or more. In more severe cases, felons can get life in prison without parole or the death penalty.

Employment after Prison

To survive in the world, people need money. Unless you have a spouse who is willing to take responsibility for all your financial needs, you need a constant source of income.

Felons do not have many job options. Felons who are looking for a job have to give several interviews. Moreover, your criminal records can create a problem in the hiring process.

Many felons look at big corporations that openly offer felon-friendly hiring processes. But, getting a job in big corporations can take time, and rejections are not uncommon.

While many corporations do not ask for criminal records till the hiring process is over, many people cannot clear the interview.

On the other hand, it is comparatively easier to get a job at a small business. But, small businesses do not advertise felon-friendly work environments.

Small Businesses that Hire Felons – The TOP 6

While small businesses are open to giving second chances, the nature of crime matters. 

The small businesses that hire felons include construction companies and professional trade businesses. As these trades are always looking for workers.

For felons who do not mind spending time on learning new skills, it can become an excellent learning opportunity. Afterward, you can take a job up at a bigger corporation for better pay.

Small Businesses That Offer Employment to Ex-Convicts

To clarify, the list contains the trades and not a small business name that offers a felon-friendly interview process.

Food Delivery

People with a commercial driving license can get a food delivery gig. Driving around town and providing everyday supplies to the shops gets good money.

Also, it is a job that does not require much experience.


Plumbing is a skill that anyone can learn over time. With such jobs not having several takers, it makes for the perfect job opportunity for felons.

Also, as working as a plumber does not require a degree, you can get a job more easily.


Construction work requires a lot of energy, lifting, and tool use. For felons who have pent-up energy, it can become an excellent outlet.

Also, it is an industry that is always on the lookout for more people. So, getting a viable job opportunity isn’t as challenging.

Hi-tech Freelancing

For individuals who have the appropriate skill sets to work in hi-tech fields, freelancing is an excellent option. You generally do not have to provide much information about the past.

Moreover, the job opportunities are high-paying in nature.

Pet Grooming

People who enjoy animals’ company can get a job at a pet grooming shop.

If you are unskilled in the field, you can always learn more at the job. Look for fresher jobs to get started.

Learn the work overtime and you can get appropriate hikes as time goes on.

Basic Yard Work

Some companies help residents with basic yard work. They, too, need employees all the time.

As the job does not require much expertise, you can learn it at the job and earn decent cash.

Asking and Not Taking a No for an Answer

Take the time to send resumes everywhere you can apply. Talk to the hiring team and try to get a job. While you might get rejected at several places, do not lose hope.

Keep trying till you get the answer you want.

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