Getting a job with a criminal record can always seem to be a difficult task for anybody. An individual might experience constant rejection from employers as they have a lack of trust in a felon. So, the person has no other option left rather than starting a business as a chance to build an income. And this is probably the reason why these days, more and more ex-cons make up their minds about self-employment rather than applying for second chance jobs for felons. Fortunately, there are plenty of low-investment business ideas for them. Among them, starting an online consignment store can be an excellent idea and the best job for a felon.

But if you have no idea what an online consignment store is and how to set up one, don’t worry. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about an online consignment store. And why setting up one can be the best job for a felon.

Ever-increasing Demand for Online Consignment Stores

Consignment stores are basically a type of online store in which sellers permit the store to sell their used items at a discounted rate. When anyone buys their items, the store pays the respective seller by deducting a percentage of sales revenue for its service. No doubt, the seller remains the owner of the product as long as it is sold. If the product remains unsold during a specified time, the store will return the product to the seller.

However, the popularity of online consignment stores has recently increased worldwide, especially during the recent pandemic. Nowadays, shoppers rely more on consignment stores to purchase hard-to-find luxury items at discounted rates. As per the 2022 Resale Report from Thread up, the secondhand or resale industry in the USA is expected to reach $126 billion by 2026. So, felons can take advantage of this unique business idea and set up their own consignment store. And this could be the best job for a felon.

How to Set up an Online Consignment Store?

Setting up an online consignment store is not at all a difficult task. So, as a felon, you can easily set up an online consignment store by simply following some basic steps. And this can be the best job for a felon looking to start a business.

The first thing to consider while setting up an online consignment store is to choose what kind of merchandise to sell. You can sell anything from clothes to antiques. However, we always advise our readers to choose something in which they have an interest and knowledge.

Once you select the kind of merchandise you want to sell, you should create a business website for your online consignment store. After that, name and register your business. No doubt, this can be a little bit difficult for a felon. Your state may not permit you to register your business because of your past record. Now, what would you do? One effective way to deal with this problem is to register your business in your spouse’s name.

After registering your business, prepare a seller’s agreement and start to find the sellers and buyers. However, it is always best to consult with a lawyer during the preparation of the seller’s agreement. To find sellers and buyers, you can opt for the help of a digital marketing agency. Besides, you can purchase sponsored ads based on target-specific keywords representing your business. Further, you can use social media platforms and email marketing techniques to find potential sellers and buyers. Once you have found the sellers, list their items as promotional materials on your website. Now your online consignment store is ready to start the business.

Final Thought

We hope now you understand how to start an online consignment store and why this can be the best job for a felon. However, it is always better to start with some small things like your own closet as promotional stuff for your online consignment store. Once you find your business is going at a good pace, you should start to think big.

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