Getting a successful job for a person after conviction is as difficult as getting equal rights in society. Many ex-offenders face difficulty in finding permanent and well-paid employment after release. They already have less work experience and lack job-seeking experience, so getting a job of their interest is difficult.

Do you know what factors contribute to a successful job placement for ex-offenders? Well, as a whole, there are numerous aspects to keep in mind while you go for seeking suitable work.

Firstly, you need a good work history, and occupational skills to make it to the interview.  Furthermore, employers have the authority to reject or disqualify anybody based on their criminal record.

That is why many of them refuse to hire individuals with criminal records. These circumstances seriously affect an ex-offender’s stability because unemployment is consistently associated with high recidivism rates.


Every year, if we talk about the U.S., more than 600,000 people are released from prison. The obstacles to successful re-entry are discouraging, and almost negligible. Starting with the challenge of finding stable work to losing their right to vote to be unaccepted by the community! This entire scenario is threatening and disheartening.

On the other hand, without a doubt, a large proportion of released convicts return to prison within a relatively short time.

In recognition of the enormous human and financial toll of recidivism, it is equally getting tough to reach a good status for ex-felons again.

Probably, there is new interest among researchers, community advocates, and public officials in prisoner re-entry initiatives. Many organizations and corporations predominantly have started focusing on employment for ex-offenders to make a change.

Various Employment-friendly programs

  • Prison-based programs
  • Post-release programs
  • Entrepreneurship Training
  • Educational Program
  • Vocational Training

Thankfully, some famous training organizations are helping ex-convicts get past the stigma of their criminal past. In addition to this, they help to prepare them for the workforce and crack the interview.

Even a former Wall Street broker and ex-felon have launched a for-profit recruiting firm specializing in finding work for ex-felons. This is a great initiative and a tremendous job on their behalf for a better tomorrow. Society surely needs more such humans who can contribute towards a successful & healthier environment for felons.

Challenges for Felons

Rightly said, nothing comes so easily, and especially when you are an ex-offender. Although, many organizations and programs are helping felons to step out! Still, some challenges and difficulties come in their mid-way. Have a look at given below some of them:

  • Start-up difficulties
  • Difficulties with crew members
  • Problems with facilities
  • Maintaining crew size
  • Lack of knowledge
  • Union concerns
  • Lack of work experience

Dive Insight into the Studies

According to some popular economists, ex-prisoners would struggle to find a job in an employers’ market. It is certainly not what recruiters are working with. In fact, the group is one of the most commonly overlooked talent pools in the workforce.

Recent studies have shown that legal developments have made the search much easier for ex-convicts in over 150 cities. Also, the states in the U.S. have enacted “ban the box” laws. The ordinances, which ban questions about past criminal convictions on job applications, have earned support from a bipartisan group of lawmakers and governors.

Well if you are motivated enough, staying behind the bars doesn’t stop you. Many ex-prisoners studied while in prison and worked toward educational achievements.

Whereas, others have learned skilled trades during their incarceration! The movement to improve their chances of landing a job even extends to third-party providers. Many job portals announced that it would ban job posts on its site that discriminate against applicants with criminal records. A fair chance should be there for felons too.

Wrapping Up

The economic and criminal justice contexts have changed dramatically in the past few years. Taken as a whole, these results are encouraging for ex-offenders and give a ray of hope to them. It is clear that increasing employment opportunities for ex-prisoners leads to reductions in recidivism.

Nevertheless, there is brief attention to the design and evaluation of prisoner re-entry programs that may produce useful results.

The output of in-prison programming and post-release supervision contributes to the full support.

At the same time, labor market opportunities for released prisoners need to be improved. In short, it is reasonable to assume that re-entry programs for successful job placement for felons can make a huge difference.

Let’s join our hands together to spread awareness and make this change happen around us.

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