There is no harm in working with a hospital even when you have a DUI charge. However, the job title and responsibilities the person is given are based on several factors. The hospital will take into consideration the time since your last conviction, arrest, or felony.

Similar to other employment, the hospital performs a background check. However, working in a hospital requires safety measures.

Let us look at the factors to consider while taking up a job with DUI.

DUI and Other Convictions

It means that an individual was caught while driving or operating a vehicle. He or she was driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or prescribed medicines. Secondly, the term DWI means driving while intoxicated or being impaired.

Laws govern both the cases of driving or operating a motor vehicle. It depends from state to state how the law handles the case, thus it affects an individual for employment in a hospital. The whole process uses a mandatory background check. Even a person charged for offense in one state requires a background check done in another for the job.

Further, considering a job in hospital for felons requires a person to be free from DUI convictions. It may include the time taken for him or her in jail, the fines paid or pending motor vehicle impounded court appearances, and much more.

Background Checks by the Employer

When it comes to hiring a job applicant for the hospital, the employer does a background check. Maybe the hospital can also hire another person who performs the background checks. According to the laws, much of the information the candidates can share while applying for the job.

Hospitals consider the following factors:

Credibility of the Individual

It is one of the strongest indicators of how much responsible the individual can be. Further information includes money handling, managing the checks, bank transfers, bank balance, and much more.

Criminal History

Background checks share more about the criminal past. The job applicant might have committed offenses or illegal activities. Further, the background checks also reveal if the candidate has an outstanding arrest warrant.

Vehicular Violations

It reveals the candidate’s involvement in a DUI, or traffic violations, etc. Based on the motor vehicle history, the employer can also ask for the vehicle description, registration, etc.

Social Security Number

The background check also reveals the identity of the candidate. It matches the name and number along with the working status in the USA.

Employment History

A candidate’s background checks to know his or her prior experience.

Convincing the Employer

When it comes to felonies, the candidate might convince the employer for being hired. It might sound difficult for the felon to explain his or her criminal past. However, the United States district court or any human resources professional recommends stating the truth.

It is always better than sharing a lie during the interview. As, if the background checks disclose the criminal past to the employer, it can become even worse for you being hired.

Further, the recommendations are not to share complete information. Do mention that you will explain during the interview. Just focus on what you have experienced from the past and now want to overcome it with a job in hospital.

What about the Nursing Jobs?

You know that nursing jobs require a direct connection with the patients. Meanwhile a candidate with DUI seems irresponsible. Only if the person has decided to face the challenges and overcome his or her past can get employment. However, there are still hurdles in being hired for a nursing job.

Further, the history of DUI and background checks performed on the candidates depends on the state laws. These candidates might have to face discipline from their state board. This action can even include suspension of the nursing license for a person already employed. In this situation, that person will never be able to work as a nurse in the hospital.

Whereas, the employers take necessary steps in case of DUI suspects. Further, they follow their policies whether a person is hired or not.

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