Targeted Resume – Many job seekers are trying to get a job with a basic resume. However, there is nothing so special about a basic resume that does the work of just highlighting your educational qualifications, previous experiences, and hobbies. It is nothing different, as all the other job seekers do the same.

You need to stand out and grab the attention of the recruitment manager. This is where a targeted resume comes in.

This resume is specially tailored to fit your desired job. So, it can be a great tool in searching and landing the job of your dreams.

Targeted Resume – What is It? 

The targeted resume is specifically written for a particular job opening. Every job profile has its own set of specific requirements in terms of skills, educational qualifications, and experience. This resume highlights these requirements, making the job seeker more relevant for the job profile.

The recruitment manager in the selection process is more focused on candidates that took the time to create a proper resume.

Thus, it is important to create a properly targeted resume that will make you stand out among hundred other job seekers. It improves your chances of being noticed by the recruiter and landing the job.

Benefits of Targeted Resume

1. Increases the Chances of Landing the Job

Recruiters take a look at hundreds of resumes per day. They do not have the time or the patience to read through every paragraph written in the resume. There is a high chance that even though you have experience and skills, the recruiter may not have an opportunity to go through it.

Just make a short and to-the-point resume with clarity and highlighted skills sets required for the job. It will shift the hiring decision in your favor.

2. Sheds Light Effectively On Your Career

Creating a proper resume that is engaging and reflects a compelling overview of your career story saves the recruiter’s time during the selection process. It determines your candidacy and fit for the job role. 

The resume showcases your skills to the recruiter, knowing how to write the most effective resume and cover letter for the job position. It also sheds light on your attention to detail, organizational skills, and professionalism. This will surely impress the recruiter, improving your connection with them.

3. Strengthens Your Brand

Your skill sets and experience are a brand that you try to sell to recruiters for the job position. The resume is the critical marketing tool that leaves a lasting impression on the recruitment manager. The resume has to be of the best quality to do their marketing in just the right way. So, upgrade your marketing tool by creating a resume.

While creating the targeted resume, you will be shocked to know how your skills and experience have evolved. It will help incorporate up-to-date achievements, competencies, and noteworthy milestones in a much better way. It will strengthen your brand, which is your resume.

4. Shows Research 

The targeted resume is for sure going to impress the recruiter. It is different from the basic, cluttered resume, but it also shows the amount of research the job seeker has done for the job profile to create the resume accordingly.

It will grab the recruiter’s attention, showcasing your qualities of professionalism and dedication, improving your chances of landing the job.

5. Most Impressive Format for the Recruiter

Impressing the Employer/Recruiter is very important during the selection process. The job is half done when you represent yourself with a targeted resume.

It is the best way to impress the recruiter as they need an engaging summary that gives a good overview of your career in one glance. A resume does exactly that, making you stand out among other hundred competitors.


While applying for a job, your major objective is to get an interview and a job, and a targeted resume does exactly that. A resume format is what recruiters look for, compelling and to the point. So, decrease your job search time by creating a specialized resume and land the job of your dreams.

You can hire professionals for the same. ReeCareer professionals can help you create an error-free, effective, and affordable resume that will land you in interviews. So, connect with the experts to design your resume right away.

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