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Felons find it challenging to get back to normal life. While changing your lifestyle after a few months of lockdown looks bad to an average human, prisoners have it much more.

Also, the fact that they can become social outcasts does not help the rehabilitation process.

The Money Problems with Felons

The real world runs on money. As felons find it impossible to get employment, they are more likely to go back to their old ways leading to more legal troubles and further incarceration.

To avoid such circumstances, there are companies and institutes that help the imprisoned to find a viable job that matches their skill set.

Getting enough money to live by can become a huge step towards a better future.

And many people may be surprised to find that some of the biggest companies in the world actively hire felons.

With the right strategy to find a job felons too can lead a normal life. To start the process, first find the more felon-friendly corporations and apply to them.

List of Felon-Friendly Companies to Apply For Job

Some of the biggest corporations that hire felons include:


There was a time when youngsters had a choice between prison and army. Today, army does consider the felon applicants.

Military has a range of specialist roles. Some of the job opportunities include chef, drivers, communication specialists, and more.

You can get a good salary, long-term contract, and a well-structured career ahead.


CVS is part of the Fair Chance Pledge of Obama administration. It means that you will not have to disclose the felony charges until later in the recruitment process.

Job opportunities include beauty, logistics, sales, administrations, customer services, etc.

Depending on the charges, there is a chance that some positions may be off-limit.


The food industry has seen a shortage of staff in the recent times. To tackle the issue, big food chains like McDonalds,, KFC, Subway, and others are now hiring people with felony charges.

To have more chances of success, look up whether the branch is a franchise or corporation operated. The hiring policy can vary depending on the branch owner.


Unilever is another company that took the Fair Chance Pledge. With several big brands like Dove, Vaseline, and more under its name, you can get lucrative job opportunities.

The number of sectors at the base company and its subsidiaries offer placements in offices and plant locations for felons.

American Airlines

One surprising sector that offers felon-friendly recruitment process is the aviation sector.

American Airlines is another member of the Fair Chance Pledge that gives similar chances to all the potential employees, including felons.

You can apply for a job as a cabin crew, engineer, ground staff, administration work, logistics and others.

Some sectors like security can be off limits.


Work as a washer, server, cleaner, or train to become a barista at Starbucks. The company also offers corporate roles, and other in-store positions.

For people who want to integrate back into the society and want a public interacting job, Starbucks is the right choice.

The recruitment process is on case-to-case basis.


Keeping 1.5 million employees in USA alone makes Walmart the largest private employer. Felons are welcome to try for several roles available.

As long as your timeline of conviction has expired, you can get a fair chance at a job. It includes jobs at the management level.

However, any departments with firearms are off limits.

Koch Industries

Koch Industries works in chemical manufacturing, agricultural sector, energy, and finance. They also pioneer in the Fair Chance Pledge.

They also have done several researches to prove the benefits of hiring felons.

The range of fields and the opportunity to work across USA makes Koch Industries an excellent choice for felons.


Google hires qualified applicants despite their criminal records. But, they have to consider the legalities before the hire.

With branches all over USA, you do not have to change location to work with Google. Start in the off-limits job opportunity for felons that meets your long-term career goals.

You can also work for a Google certificate to improve your chances of success.


There are several felon-friendly companies in the USA. Do your research regarding the options while applying. Also, know your rights to avoid discrimination.

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