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On a normal day, people go through a lot in order to secure a job. But those who have a criminal record need to work twice as hard, and this is just one of the many pains of being a felon.

For many people, job search depression has become a thing. This is because of the highly competitive job market that keeps even the most qualified, wondering if they’re good enough.

However, with a good resume, you will be able to find an okay job. As a result, most people only face difficulties when looking for their dream job or one that pays more.

This does not apply to felons, because for them to even get basic jobs, they have to go through lots of rejection. The job hunting pains of a felon start from the very day he walks out of prison.

Securing a basic job with decent pay is already too difficult. Now imagine what it would be like for felons who dared to search for a high-paying job.

Unemployment and depression go hand in hand

There has been a recent increase in the number of adults that have mental health issues. And when talking about the causes, it is difficult to not include unemployment.

Being able to take care of yourself as an adult is a basic necessity. It is what actually makes you independent and confident.

Lack of personal fulfilment has a strong link to depression, especially if things used to be so good for you. If this can apply to someone who has no criminal record and therefore can confidently approach employers, how bad is it for felons?

Remember that felons have been in jail for a number of years, probably the worst years of their lives. So now that they are out, they will be living with the trauma from those horrible years in prison.

The regret of their crimes, coupled with fear of how society will receive them, already takes a toll on their confidence. This means that felons naturally have low self-esteem before approaching the job market.

Now, imagine how much effort it would take a felon to overcome that fear and face employers, knowing that they’re already disadvantaged. This shows that if a regular person feels pain when they get rejected, a felon feels it twice as much.

Being unemployed makes people feel like they don’t have value, because what can a person do without money?

For felons, it does more than that, as it reduces their value and also makes them appear dangerous to others. This will kill any passion they have left, because if something ever goes missing, they usually get the blame.

That sense of worthlessness a felon feels after getting rejected over and over again can push them back into crime. Because depression can make people vulnerable enough to do their worst.

Felons can easily get exploited

Among the many pains of a felon, this is the most common. Since everyone knows that they are desperate, they can easily get exploited.

Employers could take them in for a job and pay them peanuts, even if they deserve more. This is one of the major reasons why government bodies are getting involved with felon employment.

So many of them are sticking to horrible work environments just to make ends meet. If they ever choose to leave, how long will it take for them to get another job?

Felons could resort to suicide

A felon can easily take their own life with the depression that already comes with an inability to provide. This is because of the pain and loneliness they feel when they are left out of the working class.

It will be very hard for you to see a felon that is lazy. Most of the time, they are the ones who put in extra effort because of their situation. If, after all the effort and tenacity, they finally break due to stigma, suicide will not be farfetched.

So it is your duty as a concerned citizen to make sure that felons feel included.

Felons suffer discrimination

It is no news that many people in the USA have a criminal record. Yet, there is still a high rate of discrimination against ex-convicts.

This discrimination is very bad for the mental health of felons, and it could make them give up. When this happens, it will eventually affect everyone, including those that have a job.

If you don’t like strangers stopping you to ask for “change”, or seeing homeless people around you, then do not discriminate.

All of these things happen as a result of the high number of unemployed people in a city—including felons—suffering discrimination.

They have to survive on the goodwill of other people

When you offer help to someone that cannot support themselves, it is really commendable. But it becomes a problem when they need your help for a long period of time.

For the felon who depends on you, it is really embarrassing, but they have no choice. If they could secure a job and take care of their needs, you would not feel their burden. This is why the job hunting pains of a felon affect everyone eventually.

Felons have to survive, and if they will not return to crime, they need a job, and they need it fast. Having to survive on the goodwill of others is a place no one wants to be. But because of the felon stigma, which keeps many people jobless, it continues to happen.

You have to play your part

Look around you and discover the ways in which you can help a felon in pain. Recommend them for jobs if you see that they are competent. To keep them motivated, invite them to church gatherings or other helpful groups.

If everyone decides to show care, felons will be gainfully employed.

The job hunting pains of a felon

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