It is no surprise that some industries are not felony friendly in terms of their hiring process.

Like it or not, there are certain roles you may not be allowed to take on, as a felon.

This article aims to help outline some of the least felony friendly industries. This allows you as a felon, to focus your energy on roles that are available to you.

Here are some industries are not really felony friendly.

Government and Licensing

Most government job openings are not felony friendly.

This is because of the perceived lack of accountability. Because of their record, felons cannot receive certain licenses from state governments.

Some of these licenses are for accountants, barbers, architects, interior designers and boxers.

Even in the police department, many states ban felons from applying.

In some cases, the state considers the level of a felony before allowing felons to get these licenses.

Education Jobs

Because of the proximity to children, most schools are not felony friendly.

Especially convicted sexual predators, schools are usually reluctant to work with felons.

The only kind of felons who may have even a slim chance of getting jobs as janitors, cooks or handymen. These are those who weren’t convicted for crimes related to children.

Some private schools may make exceptions and choose their employees. Most, however, will not hire felons.

This is so that they can be protected against any future liability.

Non-violent felons may also have a very slim chance of getting hired by universities and colleges.

Private Industry

Most private employers do not trust felons and will exclude them from their list of potential hires.
Despite the fact that this may be in contravention of certain laws.

Business owners often take into consideration the possible impact of hiring a felon. This, usually, depends on the kind of customers they serve.

Though, there are some cases where private companies hire felons. These are quite rare.

Health Care

Usually, states ban felons from working within the healthcare sector. This especially applies to positions like doctors, nurses, lab technicians and pharmacists,

This is in a bid to protect citizens from possible medical crimes like drug theft and others.

Yes, we know that some felons still get jobs within the sector. The positions are, however, low paying and far removed from any sensitive positions.

In some rare cases, felons are allowed to work as nursing assistants.

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