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The steps you take when applying for a job as a felon will largely determine how successful your job search is.
Outlined are some of the important steps you need to take, as well as a detailed breakdown of how you can proceed.

Take Time To Fill Out Your Application
When applying for a job as a felon, ensure the application is completely filled out and sent to the company.

A resume is very important to ensure that your information is accurate and up-to-date.
You need to be very detailed and include your past work history and current contact information. This may include address, telephone number, and email address.
Do not forget to add your references both personal and professional

Create A Detailed Resume

Like every other job, having a good resume is important.
This provides a summary of your qualifications for the job. It should be written to highlight your skills and experience.
It gives the person conducting the interview something to reference afterwards.
Most times, it is best to keep it at one page but if you are very experienced, two or three pages is alright. Being concise is very important.
You should add your special skill set, certifications and other useful information. This will increase your chance of landing a job, even with a felony record.
A good example of skills that are quite useful, is being able to speak more than one language.
To help create a resume for first-timers, it is good you look up professional templates online. This will give you a good idea of what to do and how to format your resume.
Try as much as possible, to tailor your resume to the specific position for which you are interviewing.

Do Not Lie About Your Criminal Record

You cannot afford to leave out your criminal record in your resume.
Especially as a returning citizen with the desire to start over, you need this information to explain the gaps in your employment history.
You can also add skills you acquired, or any certification earned while incarcerated.
There is a way to present this information to ensure you are putting your best foot forward
Here is how to structure your resume to put your best foot forward.

Use A Reverse Timeline
You might want to start with your most recent experience and reverse from there.
If you have done a lot of volunteering or schooling, it helps to showcase your current state more than your record.
This even works better if you gained these experiences years after you served.

Use A Functional Resume
In cases where you recently just got out of jail, using a functional resume may be more appropriate.
This highlights your skill more than it does your past experiences and you can shift focus to your areas of competence more than your record.

State The Location Of The Facility
It is important that if you gained your experience while you were away, you add the location of the facility.
You may keep it generic by listing “County of _____” or “State of _____” as your previous employer.
This makes it possible to provide context if you get called for an interview.

How To Submit Your Resume

Before submitting your resume writing for felons, kindly show it to friends and experienced family members. They will help take a look to help you spot errors.
Even without a record, a resume with errors will put off potential employers.
You should also save a digital copy and print several out that you can take with you when going for interviews.
Ensure you submit a copy of your resume with every job application. This helps potential employers learn more about who you are and what you can contribute.

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