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Tips for finding Felon-friendly Housing in Texas

Finding suitable housing is a challenge for anyone, but individuals with a criminal record often face additional obstacles in their search for a place to live. The stigma associated with having a felony conviction can make the process of securing a rental property even more daunting. However, there is hope. With the right strategies and a proactive approach, individuals with criminal records can find felon-friendly housing and create stable living situations for themselves and their families. In this article, we will explore tips for finding felon-friendly housing, particularly focusing on house rentals and apartment options in the Lone Star State.

Understanding the Challenge of Felon-Friendly Housing

The struggle to find housing with a criminal record is not new, but it has gained more attention in recent years due to growing awareness of the issues faced by people reentering society after incarceration. Landlords and property management companies may be hesitant to rent to individuals with a criminal history due to concerns about safety, property damage, and potential legal liabilities. This can lead to housing discrimination and perpetuate the cycle of recidivism, as individuals without stable housing are more likely to reoffend.

Researching Felon-Friendly Housing Options in Texas

If you have a criminal record and are searching for housing in Texas, it’s important to be proactive in your research. Look for rental properties and apartment complexes that explicitly state they are felon-friendly. While not all properties may advertise this explicitly, some landlords and management companies are more open to renting to individuals with criminal records than others. Online platforms such as Craigslist, Zillow, and Apartments.com often have filters that allow you to search for felon-friendly housing options in Texas. Additionally, reaching out to local social service organizations, reentry programs, and legal aid groups can provide valuable insights and recommendations on housing options for individuals with criminal records in the state.

Consider Private Landlords for Felon-Friendly Homes

In many cases, private landlords might be more flexible when it comes to renting to individuals with criminal records in Texas. Unlike large property management companies, private landlords often have more discretion in their decision-making process. When reaching out to private landlords, it’s important to be honest about your criminal history, but also highlight your commitment to rehabilitation and your plans for responsible tenancy in a Texas home.

Prepare a Strong Rental Application for Homes and Apartments in Texas

When applying for rental properties in Texas, having a strong application can make a significant difference in how landlords perceive you as a potential tenant. While a criminal record might be a concern, demonstrating your stability and reliability through other means can offset those concerns, you can follow these tips to rent a house in Texas. Some tips for creating a strong rental application include:

1. References: Provide character references from employers, previous landlords, or community leaders who can vouch for your responsibility and trustworthiness in a Texas rental.

2. Steady Income: Highlight a stable source of income, such as a job, government assistance, or disability benefits, to show that you have the means to pay rent for homes or apartments in Texas.

3. Co-Signers: If possible, consider having a co-signer with a clean rental history who can vouch for your ability to meet the rental obligations in a Texas property.

4. Rental History: If you have a positive rental history, even if it’s from before your conviction, provide references or documentation to demonstrate your previous responsible tenancy.

Be Honest and Transparent in the Texas Housing Market

When inquiring about rental properties in Texas, it’s essential to be upfront about your criminal record. While it might be tempting to withhold this information, honesty is the best policy. Landlords in Texas often appreciate transparency and may be more willing to work with you if they feel that you are being straightforward. Present your rehabilitation efforts and emphasize how you have changed since your conviction.

Utilize Reentry Programs and Support Services in Texas

Many states, including Texas, have reentry programs and support services designed to help individuals with criminal records successfully reintegrate into society. These programs can offer assistance with finding housing, employment, and other essential services specifically in the Texas context. Reach out to local organizations that specialize in reentry in Texas and ask for guidance on housing options. These organizations often have connections with landlords who are open to renting to individuals with criminal records in the state.

Explore Texas-Specific Resources for Felon-Friendly Housing

In Texas, like in many other states, there are organizations and resources tailored to helping individuals with criminal records find housing. One such organization is the Texas Reentry Services and Reecareer, which provides support and resources to individuals returning to the community after incarceration. They can offer advice on housing options, legal rights, and other relevant information in the context of Texas homes and apartments.

Know Your Rights in Texas

It’s important to understand your rights as a tenant, regardless of your criminal record, in the context of Texas housing. The Fair Housing Act prohibits discrimination in housing based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability, and familial status. While criminal history is not explicitly covered under this act, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has issued guidelines to address the discriminatory impact of blanket bans on individuals with criminal records. Some local jurisdictions, including certain cities in Texas, have enacted “Ban the Box” policies that restrict when and how landlords can inquire about an applicant’s criminal history.


Renting with a criminal record can undoubtedly be challenging, but it’s not an insurmountable obstacle, especially when searching for homes and apartments in Texas. By approaching your housing search with determination, honesty, and a proactive mindset tailored to the Texas context, you can find felon-friendly housing options that suit your needs. Remember that your criminal record does not define your entire identity, and you deserve a chance to rebuild your life and secure a stable and supportive living environment in the unique Texas landscape. Utilize the resources available to you, both online and through local organizations in Texas, to navigate the housing market and find a place to call home.

Connect with Reecareer today and access expert guidance for felons seeking housing solutions. Our team assists you in finding understanding landlords, making your housing search smoother as you embark on a positive journey forward.

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