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The recent COVID-19 pandemic has introduced us to a new work culture: work at home. It has opened up endless job opportunities for everyone, including felons. Any individual with a felony background can take full benefits of these work-at-home jobs for felons. All you need is to have the right skill, a computer, and a steady internet connection.

The most prominent benefit is these types of jobs don’t require a formal interview process. At the same time, there is no question of background checks. Besides, they can set and control their own schedule, work from anywhere, and many more. If a felon has the right skills and desire to earn nice, then these jobs are ideal for him. However, not all the work-at-home jobs for felons require advanced skills. Some of them need minimal skills along with low-level education. Felons should target this type of job that they can do from the comfort of their home.

Whenever you google work-at-home jobs for felons, a long list of jobs appears in front of you. No doubt, you can feel confused about which one is ideal for you. But you don’t have to be confused. This article will focus on pointing out the 5 best possible job roles for work-at-home felon jobs in 2022. Let’s take a look at them:

Content Writer/Blogger

Nowadays, most companies use a new tactic to attract new clients and gain online visibility. They publish blogs on their websites at a regular interval. So, they are always in need of someone who can write fresh content related to their services or products. If a felon has the right skills or past experience in content writing, this job role is perfect for him. However, he has to do some proper research before starting content writing.

Some content writers write content exclusively for a company or website. Others write for different companies or websites. However, if you want to secure these types of work-at-home jobs for felons, you should showcase your work. This will definitely help you to gain attraction from the potential employer.

Nowadays, maximum content writers earn $40-100 for a short article and $80-150 for longer pieces on average. However, how much you’re earning depends on the quality of your writing, experience, and reputation. You will be surprised to know that some experienced writers earn $200-300+ on average for one article.

Virtual Assistant

Becoming a virtual assistant or VA is probably one of the easiest job roles for work-at-home jobs for felons. Many companies, irrespective of their sizes, recruit VAs to manage their daily tasks. They typically perform the tasks of an admin. For example, they might plan travel arrangements, schedule appointments, make phone calls, manage email, or any other admin jobs. So, you have various job responsibilities to perform as a VA.

But if you lack skills or experience, don’t worry. You can find many online classes offering the basic training for these work-at-home jobs for felons. You should definitely join one of them to enhance your skills.

 And if we look at the earnings, VAs earn a decent amount. While a beginner can make $15-20 per hour, an experienced can earn $30-50 per hour. However, the average earning of VAs in our country is $19.80 per hour.  

Customer Service Representative

This is another promising job role for felons. Nowadays, companies are not interested in outsourcing large call centers to handle the customer service operation. And the reason is very clear. These call centers charge too much. So, they prefer to hire people who are comfortable answering customer calls from the comfort of their homes. This actually opens up endless opportunities for work-at-home jobs for felons.  

However, most US companies prefer to hire native English speakers for this kind of job. If you’re bilingual, then your chance of getting hired is more. But most importantly, you should have the ability to deal with people and resolve their conflicts. If you think you’ve all the above, this job role is perfect for you. You can easily earn $10-15 per hour as a customer service representative.

Audio/Video Transcriber

No doubt, becoming an audio/video transcriber is one of the easiest job roles offered for work-at-home jobs for felons. And the reason is it doesn’t require too many skills. Nowadays, many US companies hire audio/video transcribers. Their main job responsibility is to transcribe audio or video files. So, you should have good listening skills along with the ability to write them accordingly. At the same time, if you are bilingual, that is a plus point. You can earn more money by transcribing audio/video content to other languages and vice versa.

Audio/video transcribers in our country earn a decent amount. At entry-level, they can earn $10-12 per hour. But this earning will increase over time as you gain experience. An experienced audio/video transcriber can make an earning of $25 per hour.    

Data Entry

This is another profession that needs minimal skills. As a data entry operator, you can work as much as you need to deliver accurate data entries. No matter whether you prefer to work in the morning or night, you can set your own schedule. However, you should have the ability to type quickly and, most importantly, without any mistakes.

Their main job is to enter customer and account data from different source documents within a time frame.  Besides that, they have to compile, verify the accuracy, as well as sort information to create source data for entry. In addition, they are also involved in reviewing data for errors and checking output, along with correcting any incompatibilities.

Now let’s take a look at the earnings. Data entry operators earn a nice amount. While a beginner can make $15-19 per hour, an experienced can earn more than $20 per hour. However, the average earning of data entry operators in our country is $17.17 per hour.

Final Thoughts

So, work-at-home jobs for felons offer some relief or stress in comparison to second chance jobs for felons. We know sometimes your felony record can be an obstacle to attaining a job. In a work-at-home job, there is no chance of that. However, don’t lose hope if you can’t find a work-at-home job as a felon. It may take some time. But if you are committed and determined, nothing will create a problem to secure your felony employment.

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