Finding companies that offer jobs for people with records in Texas may be an issue for many. That does not mean you can’t make a fresh start in your work life. Your records are there, but some companies may still allow you to join them. Do you want to know about companies in Texas that offer felony jobs? Here is your guide.

Further, to make the guide more reliable, we have enlisted some companies that follow fair chance practices. You will find more names as you visit Indeed or other job search sites. Also, based on the job roles, you will be eligible for various ranges of pay packages.

Nevertheless, let’s know the names of companies offering jobs for people with records in Texas. 

John Soules Food Offering Jobs for People with Records

John Soules Foods is offering a full-time job for the position of “Production 2nd.” This company tops the list of beef and chicken fajita producers in the USA. Further, it caters to school nutrition programs, food distribution chains, retailers, etc. In addition, it aims to create friendly working conditions for workers by offering medical and other perks along with good pay. The company also offers training and advancement programs for the growth of its employees. 

For the job role of a production 2nd, they will now pay $14.50-$16.50 per hour. 

Monterrey Iron – Metal Ltd

Monterrey Iron – Metal Ltd has jobs for people with records for the position of fleet diesel mechanic. The company deals with metal and scrap recycling. Also, it offers payments on a weekly basis. Further, it will compensate for overtime and promises many other benefits. For the opening it has now, the company is looking for a person to take care of preventive maintenance for commercial trucks and trailers. However, the job responsibility also covers the diagnostic and repair of the fleet for proper functioning.

For the job role of a fleet mechanic, the company will pay $16-$20 per hour.

Ameritex Pipe & Products

The company is into making concrete boxes and pipes. It is now hiring for the job role of production laborer. The opening is for a full-time job, and you can expect a weekly pay of $1200 and more, along with many medical benefits. It is also known for employee recognition programs. A production laborer will have to work on a rotational shift. Moreover, the company desires candidates with 1 year of experience, which is not mandatory.

So, you can consider joining this company offering second chance jobs for felons

Goodwill Industries of Houston Offering Jobs for People with Records

Do you want to work as a merchandising specialist (pricer)? Goodwill Industries of Houston has an opening for this position and many other job roles. For this specific role, the company is offering pay of $12 per hour. Further, the company is a non-profit organization helping people find a job. So, it can be a great place for felons to begin their career again. Along with a good paycheck and a nice ambiance to work, it also promises many insurances, discounts, training, and education assistance for employees.

Final Thoughts

The early days of a job search as an ex-felon may not be easy. But as you get in touch with the right forums or people who help you make a proper resume and share the knowledge about the jobs you can find easily, things start to look brighter. So, never lose faith in your abilities and skills, and be more focused on finding jobs that will allow you to make a fresh start. 

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