No thanks to how hard it is for felons to secure white collar jobs, many people have lost hope. But there are good opportunities out there for you as a felon, you only have to know where to look.

As you keep on searching for a white collar job, it may get frustrating, but don’t give up. Because when you finally clinch that job of your dreams, you will rebuild your life and earn the society’s respect.

You will have to dress in a formal manner whenever you go to work, because white collar jobs are usually done in an office environment. Though this may seem ordinary, it will help towards healing your reputation as people see you leave for work everyday.

Since even those without a criminal record find it hard to get white collar jobs, you’d be showing everyone that you put in extra effort to change your life.

When you start the white collar jobs you see here, you will make people forget about your past.

Software Engineer

The recent tech boom has made it easy for anyone, including felons, to easily become software engineers. You can make a lot of money from doing this job, even if you have no coding background.

As a software engineer, you will have to build and maintain various software solutions. It goes beyond just coding, as you will also perform managerial duties when working with a team.

Many organizations have a tech department, so you will have a lot of vacancies to apply for.

If you care so much about formal dressing as you leave the house, various industries can hire you to work full-time. But if you really want your freedom and flexibility with time, you can work from home as a software engineer.

Either way, you will be earning more than 70,000 dollars in salary, and it could even get higher with each promotion.

As a software engineer, you can also do freelance work. So while you are applying to different companies, you can still be making good money with your skills.

There are many online programs that teach software engineering. So no matter your current skill level, you can spend about 8 months in training and start your career!


Accounting is one of the most respected white collar professions in the world. So going from a felon to an accountant is something that will earn you a lot of respect.

As a felon, you are always linked to marketing jobs, but accounting is not really given the credit it deserves. If you work as an accountant, you could earn up to $60,000 annually, and dress formally to work everyday.

Besides managing financial transactions, you will be maintaining budgets, processing tax payments, and reconciling accounts payable. Additionally, the task of keeping a good financial balance of the company will be on your shoulders.

If you want to have a fulfilling career in accounting, you need to have an accounting degree from a reputable institution. In under two years, you can earn an associate degree in accounting from universities online.

Digital marketing specialist

It is already common knowledge that marketing is an area that felons have excelled in. So digital marketing, which happens to be an extension of the marketing profession, is a very good job for you.

You will earn up to 62,000 dollars in this profession. And you can also enjoy certain perks that come with remote work and a modern working environment.

As a digital marketer, your job will circle around targeting potential buyers or subscribers for your employers. If you are a creative person, then you can come up with exciting new ways to attract and retain customers.

With your criminal record, you can get into a college and get a degree in this field. But you must not lose hope if you don’t have the resources for that.

You can make use of all the online programs that award digital marketing certifications after a period of intense training.

Graphic designer

If you are already gifted in creative arts, this job will be good for you. You can earn up to 50,000 dollars as a graphic designer and you don’t even need a college degree.

Many organizations need graphic designers to catch up with the modern methods of marketing. So there is no way you will be a good graphic designer and not get a high quality job.

As a graphic designer, you will work with software developers and digital marketers all the time. This is because you will be the one to create most of the things the software developer will build.

In the area of marketing, you will be the one to create the fliers, logos, and other visuals for marketing. It is a lot of fun as you will get to play with colors a lot whenever you work.

To qualify for a good job as a graphic designer, you can register for reputable online programs for training. After you get certified, build projects and make a rich portfolio that you can use to sell yourself to employers.

Computer network support specialist

Information technology is the pillar that is holding the growing tech industry. So if you get a job as a computer network support specialist, you will be held in high regard.

It doesn’t matter how little you know about computers and network engineering. If you really want to learn and have the passion for this job, you will catch up quickly and easily.

For starters, you will earn about 40,000 dollars, but at an advanced level, your salary will grow higher than 100,000 dollars per year.

As a felon, getting trained and certified to do this job will not be difficult. But if you were charged with crimes related to computers, you may have to go through a longer process.

White collar jobs for felons

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