Government help for female felons can be found in every state of the country. It’s true that female felons face real troubles after conviction on the record. That’s why there are Government programs for female felons to assist them financially. While these programs are not for everybody, there is a special criteria and guidelines for qualifying.

Through these government programs, female felons get financial aid, food, daily basic needs, vouchers, and even skills training to get a job.

You will also get thrilled when you get to know that these programs provide grants.

Isn’t it amazing and helpful?

Government Programs to Help Female Felons

Financial troubles can come up at any time of life, especially when there is a felony record on your papers. And, for female felons, getting back on the feet can be difficult because not many jobs are fit for them.  

Female felons can apply for the government programs – for which they qualify with all the requirements.

While applying for these programs you have to mention the correct location, financial conditions, family details, and more.  That’s the part of criterion, because some states offer more government help than the other.

With that said, let’ compile the list of government programs to help female felons.

Low-Income Home Energy Program (LIHEP)

This program helps female felons pay energy bills. You have to check first that this program is available in your region or not? If yes, then apply for this program – only if you match the qualification standards.

Your income should be mentioned while filling the application. Once you qualify for this program, the government will pay your energy bills once a year.

And, the most important thing is that you have to apply for this program every year check for qualification, and get the rebate.

The government also provides weatherization services to help you lower the energy bills. For more information Click here

Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

HUD provides financial assistance to female felons for finding affordable housing, pay rent, and buying a home. HUD has many programs for different needs to assist the female felons in any way possible.

They also offer public housing options and rent vouchers. For more information Click here


In today’s era where healthcare costs are increasing rapidly, keeping pace is not possible. Female felons can take help from the healthcare program.

Firstly, you should be qualified for the Medicaid program matching all their required standards. In this program, the eligible female felons get free healthcare services, which include doctor visits, hospital stays, substance abuse treatment, prescription drug, and more.

To get these free healthcare services your income should be less and you have to provide the certificate of nationality. To know more about the program, Click here

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

TANF program provides qualifying female felons with a monthly cash grant. To qualify for this program, your income should be low than the fix limit and have one minor child you are caring for.

Once you qualify for the programme then the cash grant will credit every month and this grant can be use for various places for instance transportation, rent, clothing, food and more.

If you don’t have any minor child, opt for sister program (if your state is offering) called General Assistance.

The General Assistance program gives cash grants if you don’t have a minor child you are caring for. Still, your income should be less and you have to be a certified resident. For more information Click here

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

SNAP provides the nutrition benefits from the food budget to needy felons. This program is also known as Food Stamps around the country.

Female felons who qualify for the program get a monthly grant for purchasing the food. Also, qualified felons can get an electronic debit card and can use this in grocery stores and farmer’s markets. The grant will credit every month and the amount depends upon how many people are in your household. 

For getting these services, your family income should be less than the set eligibility limit. To know more information about this, Click here

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