There are no special degrees for felons in any college or university. But the degrees you will find here are those that are related to the jobs a felon can easily get.

Everyone knows it is difficult for felons to get a job after they have served their time. Your case is not an exception, that is why you need a degree to stand out in the job market.

Even if you already have some education, topping it up with a degree can make you look more appealing. Employers will see that you took the time to improve yourself and this shows genuine repentance and determination to succeed.

Can a felon get admitted into a college or university?

That you have been convicted of a felony does not mean you cannot go to college like everyone else. Almost all colleges accept felons because there is no law that says felons should not be admitted into colleges or universities.

If you’re still worried about this, just know that there are many felons in different universities all over the nation. You can join them and improve your life if you really want to get the best jobs out there.

In some universities, being a felon reduces your chances of getting admitted, but that should not stop you. This is because it only happens in universities that are already in high demand, so everyone has different factors reducing their chances.

Ten degrees for felons that you should go for

These degrees are connected to the highest paying jobs for felons. They are also the required degrees for the jobs that felons are most likely to get shortly after being released.

  1. A degree in counseling

Of all the degrees for felons, this is the one that is mostly associated with redemption. Since the job entails making other people have better lives, it shows how much you have changed as a person.

Also, most people in need of counseling tend to feel like no one will understand them. But since you have already made mistakes and served your time, you are definitely someone who would understand.

This is why counseling is a high-paying job for felons, and having a degree will make you more employable.

  • A degree in sustainability

The world is evolving with technology and the environment is feeling the effects. There is also climate change, biofuels, and so many other aspects of sustainability you will learn about.

As a felon, getting such a degree that will help you save the planet will repair your reputation. You will also get a job faster than other felons.

  • A degree in business administration

Business administration is considered one of the best degrees for felons because of versatility. With this degree, you can get to top managerial positions in any company.

You will also be able to run your own business with expertise if you ever decide to be your own boss.

  • A degree in criminal justice

Getting a degree that helps you protect the nation from crime is a good way to turnaround your felon reputation. This is why criminal justice is one of the most befitting degrees for felons.

It is also versatile because it cuts through different social spheres and will allow you to work with experts in different fields.

  • A degree in linguistics

For many reasons, linguistics is actually a good degree for felons. This is because you can easily move to another country with it, so you can start a new life.

Also, you can teach foreign languages, be a language specialist, copy editor, and do so much more with it.

  • A degree in graphics design

It is easy to learn graphics design via an online course, but a degree will take things further.

With a degree in graphics design, you will have a deeper understanding and more authority as a designer. As a felon, it will even help you get promoted at work.

  • A degree in culinary arts

Many felons have found redemption through culinary arts and you can do the same — especially if you love cooking.

When you master how to prepare and design great delicacies, you can use the skill to work in world-class restaurants. You can even decide to start your own food business.

  • A degree in vocational studies

Having a degree in a specific field is a good way to start revamping your life after prison. You can decide to learn carpentry, HVAC, welding, or even be an electrician.

One perk that makes this a top degree for felons is that it’s easier for you to get admission.

  • A degree in computer science

With a degree in computer science, you can easily blend into the ever evolving tech world. It is also one of the fields that encourage remote work. So you can live a flexible professional life as a computer scientist.

  1. A degree in construction management

With a construction management degree, you will be planning cities and construction sites. This is a very prestigious job and your skills will be highly valuable to employers.

If you are an extrovert, you will flow well with construction management because you’ll be outdoors most of the time.

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