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Finding a job always seems to be extremely challenging for every felon. No doubt, they normally face lots of barriers to getting a job in companies that hire felons. This is mainly because of their limited education and/or lack of skills and work experience. But they should not be hopeless at all. The situation is changing quickly due to some strong initiatives from the government. One great example of such is the ban-the-box law. As a result, these days, many companies have started to offer more and more second chance jobs for felons. And trucking companies are no exception to that.

So, it is quite possible for them to serve as a truck driver in many trucking companies. Fortunately, this job post doesn’t need too many skills.  The only criterion is to have good driving skills along with a clean driving record. In this article, we will speak about the top trucking companies that hire felons.

1. Barr-Nunn Transportation

No doubt, Barr-Nunn Transportation has a good reputation for offering many jobs to ex-cons. In fact, this trucking company has no issues with hiring someone whose conviction is at least 7 years old. However, there is an important criterion to be eligible to serve as a truck driver in this company. The applicant must have a minimum of 12 months of experience as a truck driver.

The company is extremely careful about its employees. So, it offers many facilities to them. These include life insurance coverage, safety bonus, weekly salary, and many more. So, getting a job in Barr-Nunn Transportation can fulfill the expectations of any jobseeker, including felons.

2. Boyd Bros

Boyd Bros is one of those trucking companies that hire felons without hesitancy. No doubt, it operates over almost 2/3rd portion of the Eastern US. And deals with the transportation of building materials and steel materials.

There is no doubt that  Boyd Bros welcomes felons with open arms. However, they always consider how old the conviction is. In fact, they have no problem with hiring someone carrying at least a five-year-old conviction. Besides, they always judge a candidate based on their skills rather than their past crime. So, ex-cons can easily get a job in this company with good driving skills and clean driving records.

3. Roehl Transport

Roehl Transport is the name that comes into the mind of ex-cons while searching for a job in this industry. No doubt, the company has a large fleet of delivery trucks. So, you, as an ex-con, can always expect lots of job openings in this company.  The only thing you need is to meet its criteria.

Like the other trucking companies that hire felons, this company has a similar policy. The company is happy to hire anyone who is carrying a 7-year or more old conviction. The greatest benefit of working in this company is it offers expert training for hired ones. Besides, it provides many career development opportunities to them. So, Roehl Transport can be an ideal employer for them.

4. Swift Transportation

As one of the biggest USA trucking companies, Swift Transportation offers many felon-friendly jobs every year. Anyone with a conviction that is at least 10 years old can apply for a job in this company. No doubt, it offers many facilities to its employees, including:

  • Training programs
  • Flexible working
  • Excellent pay
  • Free Canada trip
  • And many more

So, as a felon, if you have good driving skills, you can be confident of getting a job here. However, don’t forget to obtain a clean driving record.

Final Thoughts

We hope now you have complete knowledge about the companies that hire felons in 2022. But one thing you should always remember. The chances of getting a job in the trucking industry depend hugely on two things. One is the nature of the crime. And the second is how long before it was committed. This means if you have a record of DUIs or committed accidents, the chances will be less.

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