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Are you someone who is a convicted felon and seeking a job? Despite the problems that arise with a criminal record, there are plenty of opportunities accessible for people who have committed any crime. In this post, we will discover some High Paying Jobs for Felons and give tips about finding job opportunities in different industries. 

Tips for felons to get Success in jobs 

Here are some useful tips to begin your new life and succeed in that. 

1. Be Transparent and Honest 

When you apply for jobs, always share your criminal record up front. Honesty always builds trust and shows integrity to potential employers. You can also explain how you have changed your life since your conviction and showcase any relevant qualifications or skills. 

2. Seek Pardon or Expungement 

Based on your situation plus the laws in your jurisdiction, you may apply for a pardon or expungement. Such legal procedures can reduce or remove the impact of your criminal history and make it easier to get jobs. 

3. Gain New Certifications and Skills 

Investing in skill development and education can considerably improve your job prospects. Consider attending vocational training programs, getting certifications, or pursuing higher education to develop your skill set and boost your marketability to employers.

4. Network Effectively

Felons should have strong networking and should communicate with former colleagues, family members, community organizations, friends, etc., to get recommendations and potential leads.

High-Paying Jobs for Felons

Let’s talk about some high-paying Jobs for Convicted Felons.

1. HVAC Technician

HVAC technicians are known to ensure optimal climate control in various commercial and residential spaces. There are many Jobs Hiring Felons who get the required training and certification as HVAC technicians. 

2. Healthcare Support Worker

Felons can explore multiple job vacancies in the healthcare sector in positions like medical assistants, phlebotomists, and healthcare aides. You will require specific certification or training for these roles and they can be a rewarding career for you.

3. IT Specialist

IT field always requires skilled professionals. So, if you are interested in technology and have a powerful problem-solving ability, you can try your luck in the IT industry. Jobs like computer support specialist, cybersecurity analyst, or network administrator are perfect for people with past convictions.

4. Sales Representative

Sales are considered a results-driven industry where performance usually outweighs previous mistakes. Several companies are keen to appoint felons who have strong communication skills plus the ability to build relationships. 

5. Entrepreneur or Freelancer 

Felons who have exceptional skills or talents can easily venture into freelancing or entrepreneurship because they give opportunities for financial freedom and personal growth. Whether you are great in graphic design, consulting, content writing, or web development, there is unlimited potential to showcase your skills and make a wonderful business.


No matter your history or past life, you can have enough job opportunities to get a secure and stable job. The only condition is that you will need to commit yourself to the desired work. All you have to do is maintain your focus, take suitable action and invest in your self-improvement, and then you can easily remove all the barriers and produce a bright future. Click on this link https://reecareer.com/ to know more about best high-paying jobs for felons.

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