When we talk about life after a person has faced felony conviction charges, it is difficult — putting life back on track after a felony is a daunting task. Specifically, a person wants to settle for a job; the past can always haunt the rest of their life.

Not all crimes are treated equally. Some of them may be severe, and some done by minors called a misdemeanor. However, a felony is a criminal offense often related to serious crimes. Crimes include rape, murder, sexual assault, drug-related, or violence in nature.

Once a person is held for a felony, the punishment stays with them for the rest of their lives. It becomes a challenging life situation; however, there are many options such as taking a job or own work.

Issues Faced After a Felony Conviction

A person who has faced a felony is now facing several issues. Please take a look at some of the problems in their lives after prison.

Job Opportunities are Hard to Find

The job opportunities for ex offenders for ordinary people are in high demand but challenging to get one for felons. It is because the companies often reject them because of their criminal record. Further, it makes the person too tricky to make a fresh start in life after prison.

It has also come to the notice that some felons who cannot get a job end up in illegal work. They start working on their own to make money, which leads to a crime once again.

On the other hand, some of the companies do hire felons. However, they do a thorough background check of their criminal record. The employers make sure a word of caution before hiring felons. It is a fair chance that if the number of vacancies are less, other applicants will be favored.

Meanwhile, the federal government in the USA has offered great help for these felons. Based on their terms, these people can get employment; but still, it is not easier.

Finding a Place to Live

The second issue a felon faces is finding a better place to live and lead an everyday life. Being in prison as per the sentence, the landlords don’t accept former convicts. It is because they think that the felons are not protected, class citizens. In this dire situation, the offenders end up looking for temporary accommodation.

The temporary accommodation can be sharing housing with friends or family members. If you are lucky, then despite the criminal record, you get a better place to live.

Furthermore, if a felon couldn’t find a housing accommodation, it leads to more incarceration. This negative cycle of homelessness also puts more depression.

To overcome this situation, the USA’s Department of Housing and Urban Development has proposed some guidelines. Following these guidelines, the landlords can be held for refusing felons to rent. Under the fair housing act, it also supports minority groups. Meanwhile, some states in the USA have also devised programs for re-entry with halfway homes, etc.

Changes to The Educational Curve

Some felons have still not completed their high school diploma. It results in employers avoiding them as the minimum requirements are college graduation. This gap makes the convicts ending up in depression and leads to negativity.

Further, minor felons are not eligible for grants if their felony conviction relates to drug influence. So, no financial aid help is available for them.

However, in some states in the USA, programs have been made for prisoner education. Meanwhile, there is not much breakthrough in this field—educational funding for these individuals is still in progress.

Voting Rights Are Revoked

It is another big issue that is faced by felons after prison. Their right to vote is revoked; however, it is not that serious as finding a house or working in a company. The state laws in the USA are strict, and they ban felons from voting.

However, some of the states have opted for a voter reinstatement program. The rights are automatically restored for felons who have completed their sentence.


Now, that’s not all. For a felon, their life is vital after prison. Maybe the person has made some bad decisions in life but now wants to move forward. Nobody wants them to lead to incarceration. Hope all the issues are resolved, and once again, felons get back on track. 

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