Talking about the pharmacy tech certification, an individual requires this to become a pharmacy technician. A person who works under the supervision of a pharmacist. The main responsibility is to prescribe medication to the customers as well as health professionals.

The work depends on where the pharmacy technician works. A drugstore employs them or the hospital.

When it comes to obtaining pharmacy tech certification for felons , an educational program in the pharmacy is needed. Several community colleges, technical schools, and even online teaching provide the same. After a person earned graduated in this field, he or she also gets a certificate.

Felony and Pharmacy Technician

As with other programs, the applicants require to do a background check. It is required to check factors such as offense, criminal activity, felony, or potential harm to society. As the job, profile relates closely to taking care of the patients, safety is of key concern. One is responsible to give the proper medication to patients.

Patient’s health is put at risk by giving the wrong medication or entering incorrect information.

Further, a crime found during the background check can reject the certification. Even approved, it is restricted with certain aspects, which is of no use to the person. Rest, it depends on the type of felony, the time of felony how long ago it occurred, and other aspects.

When a felon applies for a pharmacy technician job, staying honest is the best thing. Not disclosing the same during the time of applying for the program is punishable. However, a felon who has earned the certification faces challenges in finding a job. 

Obtaining Pharmacy Tech Certification – The Steps

A felony is a crime but if it is not violent in nature, the person can apply for certification. Let us look at the steps required to follow in order to obtain the certification.

Check your Eligibility

Individuals looking to acquire the pharmacy tech certification need to check their eligibility. The main criterion is to have a high school diploma or an educational degree. Further, disclosing the criminal background can be of good help.

Make sure you do not have drug-related offenses on your record. Further, you need to be honest despite the fact the job is a tough one to get.

Certification Exam

To pursue the certification exam one needs to enroll in the pharmacist-training program. The American Society of Health is responsible for the accreditation of the program. Talking about the resources, the felon can make use of several resources. These can be online or they can use books, Smartphone apps, etc. Meanwhile, online practice is also available though it is not at par with the actual exam.

Online Application

To take the exam for the pharmacy tech certification, the applicants are required to register online. The board offers them the benefit of applying online for the certification. Thereafter, the applicants get a window of 90 days in which they have to appear for the exam.

Applicants who want to reschedule their exam due to some circumstances can do up to 24 hours prior to the exam day. Meanwhile, those who have decided not to take the exam can get the fee refunded back. In this case, they will have to withdraw their application within the 90 days window. 

Mind the background checks

In the USA, felons have a fair chance to prove their worth as professionals. It gives a positive impact on the board as well as the employers who seek skills and personality along with the felony.

Background checks for the felons help to check the integrity of the crime. Secondly, if a felon does not disclose the information, the board will reject the application. Make sure you do not end up in such a situation.

Examination and Results

As the applicants have prepared for the exam, they have to arrive 30 minutes prior to the location. After the exam, the applicants are given a temporary test result. Whereas, the official exam results are received online within 2 to 3 weeks.

For the re-attempt, the felons have three more chances to test again. However, they have to wait for a period of 60 days. Reapply also costs the same fees for the exam.


Therefore, you have taken the exam, got the pharmacy tech certification, and now you are good to go. Maintain the certification though it does not act as a license. However, you will get a fair chance to work with the pharmacist as a technician.

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