As a felon in Maryland, you will experience the job-hunting challenges that people generally face in the country. But if you are careful and only apply for jobs that are felon friendly, you will succeed faster than others.

The jobs provided below are common vacancies in Maryland that you can apply to fill. Don’t be afraid to apply no matter the crime you have committed in the past.

Peer support specialist

As a felon in Maryland, you could do so much for the state with this job. So many young people need guidance, and with your experience and repentance, you can be an inspiration.

You will be conducting support meetings, developing recovery strategies, and helping address the issue of drug abuse. If you are a young person, it increases your chances of getting this job.

With a valid driver’s license and a highschool diploma, you can apply for this role. You should also be able to pass a drug test if the need arises.

For starters, you can earn up to $31,800 in a year.

Senior marketer

This is a high level role. So you need experience and a degree to qualify for it. You will also undergo more scrutiny, so be prepared.

With this john, you will be heading marketing teams and the leaders of their sub-teams. You will also ensure the perfect updating and execution of marketing strategies in the company.

Salary is over $100,000 per annum.

Graphic designer

Thanks to how easy it is to acquire new skills online, you don’t need a degree to get this job. In fact, you may not even need experience, since a rich portfolio can impress the hiring manager.

To qualify, learn graphics designing from any reputable institution. Then start building projects to enrich your portfolio. You could make over $50,000 per year, and this will definitely increase.

Computer scientist

As a computer scientist, you will be using computers to solve problems in your company. You will write programs, use it to provide solutions, and also validate developer models.

If you have a computer science degree and a few years of experience, you are perfect for this job. The salary is usually over $100,000 and each company has their different job descriptions.

Unless you have used computers to commit a crime in the past, there are no restrictions for you. To further increase your chances, get important certifications that will make you an authority in the field.

Some of the certifications you will need to boost your chances include:

CompTIA’s security+

ISACA Certified information systems auditor

ISACA Certified information security manager

Certified information systems security professional

You don’t need to have all these certifications before you apply. But if you can secure at least one of them, it will be very good for your budding career.

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