Resources and jobs for felons in Arkansas are provided below. Please keep in mind that positions listed here do not guarantee any applicant a job. Although many firms hire people with criminal backgrounds, various factors are naturally considered to determine employment suitability. For example, violation type and how long ago the violation(s) occurred are important considerations. We urge you to not give up simply because you are not immediately hired. Remain positive and persistent, and the right job will eventually come along.

Felon Friendly job links in Arkansas

If you are actively looking for jobs for felons in Arkansas, we have compiled a list of links to employment open to convicted applicants. We recommend that you independently research these possibilities from other sources to improve your chances of being chosen.

Felony friendly employment opportunities on Indeed

Felony friendly employment opportunities on ZipRecruiter

Financial and Re-Entry Resources for Felons in Arkansas

Grants for Arkansas felons

City of Little Rock Re-Entry Program

Arkansas Division of Community Correction

Fair Shake Reentry Resource Center

The Central Arkansas ReEntry Coalition (C.A.R.E.)

Arkansas Division of Workforce Services

Miscellaneous Arkansas Information Required to get a Job for Felons in Arkansas

Arkansas convicted felons’ rights overview

Arkansas Reentry Programs and Assistance

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