White-Collar Jobs for Felons in California!

Finding a job with a criminal record might be a difficult task. However, there are numerous career opportunities in California, but not all employers are interested in hiring persons with a criminal past. While finding jobs for felons in California might be difficult, we have investigated various firms to locate companies that hire convicts in and around California. 

Read the list below and choose a company to discover job postings and information on the company.

List of White-Collar Jobs for felons in California

Below, you will find a list of current job openings in California. An applicant can consider any job according to their qualification.

1. Staff Analyst

Heluna Health is hiring Staff Analysts who can oversee the activities related to the employees. Moreover, who can assess whether particular employees suit the role they have. Other job roles include ensuring that the manpower allocation in the company is efficient and checking whether there are more areas for improvement. The company offers a good salary of up $7200 a month and various other benefits.

To apply for the job post, click on this link.

2. Student Assistant

The California Public Utilities Commission is looking for someone to work in student support. The duties of a Student Assistant will differ depending on where they are assigned. Participating in various phases of a scheduled training program; learning policies, processes, and methods are some of the activities listed in the job posting. They must also do relevant, helpful, and vital duties for the department’s program. There is, however, a lot more to read before applying for the position. So, we’ve included a link to the job description below.

To apply for the job post, click on this link.

3. Financial Educator/Coach

If you have experience in finances and are willing to restart your career in the same field, this can be a suitable job opportunity. Rubicon Programs aim for the community’s growth by strengthening the financial and social well-being and offering these jobs. An applicant can apply for the job if they have strong interpersonal skills, problem-solving abilities, and excellent communication skills. The salary offered in this job is 23-25 an hour. 

To apply for the job post, click on this link.

4. Junior Software Engineer

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative is a software development company and requires Junior Software Engineer. The company is situated in Redwood City, California, and has worked since 2015. If someone is interested in working as a junior software engineer, this job is worth applying for. The job offers a lucrative salary, and candidates don’t require to work from the office.

To apply for the job post, click on this link.

5. Cybersecurity Instructor

If your specialty is cybersecurity, then here is a golden chance. Solano Community College has an open opportunity for Cybersecurity instructors. One having relevant experience and knowledge can apply for the job. It is a well rewarding job, so applicants can expect that they will receive a high salary.

To apply for the job post, click on this link.

Getting a job after conviction requires a determination, and therefore one has to be consistence in applying for jobs. 

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