Jobs for Felons in Los Angeles – Los Angeles’s crime rate has increased to 4.9% in the year 2020. The COVID pandemic has left many people jobless, and thus there has been a sudden increase in the crime rate.

One of the reasons is that people with a criminal background struggle to get a job. 

A person with having criminal background has a lot of baggage, and looking for a white-collar job is very challenging. This situation forces many people to go back to their old illegal ways. However, not all hope is lost. Many organizations give people a second chance based on their talent and skills. 

White Collar Jobs for Felons in Los Angeles – The List

White-collar jobs may not be readily available to a law offender, but it is not impossible.

Having a good job is an excellent way of encouraging the person to stay away from trouble. Ever since the pandemic, there has been a shortage of workforce, which has changed the way organizations work. Many recruiters are happy to hire a person with a criminal record, provided they are qualified for the position. 

Let’s have a look at some felon-friendly jobs in Los Angeles.

1. Policy and Communications Officer: 

Just Detention International (JDI) is a health and human rights NGO dedicated to ending the sexual abuse women face in detention. The company is hiring a Policy and communication officer whose job role will be to write press releases and research reports. Also, they have to develop content for JDI’s website, social media platforms, and emails to supporters.

It is a position based in Los Angeles headquarters, but we will also accept candidates in Washington, D.C. Having a BA degree or equivalent relevant experience will be a plus point.

The salary range for this position is 55K – 65K dollars annually, based on the experience. 

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2. Senior Program Manager: 

Impact Justice is NGO advancing new ideas and helping formerly incarcerated people to enjoy a normal life. They bring different government agencies & groups together that can offer support to those involved facing criminal charges. Currently, they are hiring a ‘Senior Program Manager’ for their ‘The Homecoming Project (THP).’

The job role will be to work with the development team on fundraising efforts. It will also involve planning and implementing the expansion efforts of THP in California and other states. Los Angeles /Oakland is the job location. Employees will have to work 40 hours per week for the compensation range of $95-$110K.

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3. Program Manager 

Urban Peace Institute (UPI) is an NGO dedicated to creating safe communities by developing tailored solutions for neighborhoods affected by violence. They are hiring a qualified program manager. The job role is evolving and maintaining local and statewide partnerships with multiple sectors involved in community-based public safety efforts. Participation in team meetings will also be required to meet the organization’s goals within the assigned area.

Los Angeles is the job location with a salary ranging from $67,000 – $75,000 per annum, including health, dental and vision benefits. 

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4. Technicians/ Sales Person 

‘QuestMark’ is one of the largest commercial and industrial flooring contractors in Los Angeles. They are hiring technicians, service managers as well as a salesperson. Candidates must demonstrate initiative; have a high level of professional integrity, a good work ethic to qualify.

The candidates should have two years of experience in flooring. Passing a pre-employment drug screen test and driving license is also a must. ‘QuestMark’ will also be offering a ‘401K Retirement Plan’ to its employees. It is a full-time job, with $35 an hour pay.

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5. CDL Class A Heavy Haul Driver

GNC Trucking is a family-owned trucking business. They are looking for experienced drivers to join their team. The candidate should be experienced in operating Double Drop or similar equipment. Interested people should be physically fit and able to strap, chain, and tarp loads.

One year of OTR (over the road) experience is a must to apply for the job. There should be no record of serious violations in the past 36 months, like reckless driving or careless endangerment. Traveling and working at different locations is a must requirement for this job. It is a full-time job with weekly payments ranging from $2,000.00 – $6,000.00.

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Note: These jobs are fetched from the job searching platform Indeed; click the link to search for more felons-related jobs.

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