White-collar jobs have become a benchmark of success in our society. People forget that irrespective of the type of job, an honest earning is the accurate benchmark of success. However, it is challenging to find white collar jobs for felons in New York to let them re-enter the society.

If a person is associated with a felony, they have a target on their back. Even if you serve your time and look for new opportunities, that target makes the journey challenging. Moreover, the applicants feel demotivated, which might force them to relapse to their old life to earn a living.

White Collar Jobs for Felons in New York – The List

Finding a new job can give the felon a fresh start with their life, improving their lifestyle in the end. Most importantly, in the last two years, a global pandemic has changed the perspective of many employers. A shortage of workforce has caused a significant impact on the companies.

Also , the employers have decided to look past the criminal records provided the applicant has a solid background. The applicant should have a rehabilitation certificate and training for several basic skills.

Let us look at the list of high-paying white-collar jobs available in the New York area.

1. Traffic Control Flagger – Amsterdam and Surrounding Areas

Area Wide Protective (AWP) is the leading traffic control authority in the region of North America. The job of the traffic control flaggers is to ensure that the movement of the traffic remains in order.

Firstly, the responsibility of a flagger is to set up a safe working environment for the workers, including the equipment. Secondly, the flagger is responsible for the smooth flow of the traffic using stop/slow paddles. The job requires the person to be on the site 8-12 hours a day.

The applicant will receive a $1000 joining bonus, $250 referral incentives, healthcare benefits, and many more benefits. The pay scale for the job is from $16 an hour to $17. Most importantly, applicant has to give a drug test before the company hires them.

2. Data Engineer (Level 1)

The American Civil Liberties Union is the body that comes forward to fight the government atrocities and protect a person’s right to speech. Furthermore, the analytics department of the ACLU has opened a position for a Data Engineer.

The analytics department must gather evidence to help the ACLU make intelligent and wise decisions. Further, they also need insights to put forward in the courtroom and public during their matters. The data engineer will extract data from the internal systems and change them into the analysis-ready form using Python, DBT, and Looker tools.

An applicant should know the latest trends and technologies in data infrastructure. Above all, the applicant is also expected to have basic knowledge of Looker and CRM technologies like Salesforce. The annual salary for the position is $91,237, and it can vary depending on the area and the level of knowledge.

3. Manhattan Justice Opportunities Community Health Worker

This position is available in the Fund for Public Health in New York City Inc (FPHNYC). This non-profit organization is working towards advancing the health and well-being of New Yorkers. They collaborate with the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH).

These community health workers will be working with the people suggested to the Manhattan Justice Opportunities. The worker must do in-house training required by MJO, hospital site, and DOHMH. The salary package for the role is $45,000, along with some additional benefits.

4. Registered Nurse

The Bridge Inc. is a non-profit organization with an office in New York. For the past 60 years, they have been helping people with severe mental illness find places to stay and other services. The firm’s goal is to offer treatment and other services to those who are suffering in a caring environment.

The firm has an opening for a registered nurse in the ACT team. The nurse’s job is to provide health assessment and medication to help with a patient’s recovery. The position is field-based, and the nurse has to be present with the community to offer their expertise.

The nurse will be responsible for helping people secure the medical care facilities. The department will offer a salary for the job depending on the applicant’s experience.

(Note: These jobs are fetched from job searching platform Indeed, click the link to search for more related jobs for felons.)   

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