Felons in Oregon have so many job opportunities. The only thing restricting many of them is the fact that they don’t have access to the right information.

If you are one of the felons in Oregon that have been looking for a whote collar job, these opportunities are for you. This article contains current vacant posts that are felon friendly in oregon.

Case manager

As a case manager, you will work in clinics or hospitals. Other industries hire case managers, but they are more common in the medical field.

If you get this job, you will act as a middle man between the patients and their treatment options. With respect to their special cases, you will let them know the options they have. As you help them weigh these options, they will make better treatment choices.

Most case managers earn up to 97,000 per year. Qualifications include a bachelor’s degree and some experience, some employers may also ask for a license.

Team advisor

In a company, a team advisor is the one that gives support to HR policies with respect to the industry guidelines. If you get this job, you will be monitoring the progress and goals of other employees.

The job requires excellent leadership skills, as well as financial discipline. Because you will also be monitoring and offering advice and support to the financial unit.

To qualify, you will need a bachelor’s degree and a certification. You can be earning 77,000 per year.

Youth mentor

For someone to be a youth mentor, they don’t need a perfect record. Young people may not listen to such a person because they cannot relate to their challenges.

But if you, who has had a rough past and a good redemption arc, they will listen. This is a full-time job with about $19/hr salary. If you have experience with case management and a diploma, you can apply.

You will be working closely with teachers and school personnel. So it is important for you to have good interpersonal skills as well as patience.

Restoration practices facilitator

This job comes with an average salary of $50,000 per year. You should be able to speak and write excellently well, and if you’re bilingual, it will be an added advantage.

Being able to maintain confidentiality is important to this job. So if you have been involved with anything related to treason or leaking secrets, you may not get this job.

To qualify, you need a bachelor’s degree in conflict resolution or any related field. If you have experience with psychology and counseling, it will be an extra advantage and boost your chances.

Many people apply for jobs and get rejected even when they qualify and are without a criminal record. So if you feel you are good enough, go ahead and apply. Just make sure the job is no related to your past crime.

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