You can still get the job of your dreams if you have a criminal record. And if you live in San Francisco, this fact has been proven many times.

Many companies in the country are being encouraged to hire more felons. So you have a good chance of securing the best jobs in the city, just like everyone else.

For an even higher chance of winning a white collar job, apply for roles that are not related to the crime you were found guilty of. Here are some of the white collar jobs in San Francisco that are felon-friendly.

Software developer

Thanks to the recent tech boom, the need for software developers has increased all over the world. This demand is also in San Francisco, so you can get a job quickly if you are a fast learner.

As a software developer in San Francisco, you can earn up to $100,000 every year. To qualify, there are numerous accredited online schools that will teach you coding.

As you code, build projects along the way so that you can get a great portfolio. This is what will get you a good job, even with a criminal record.

Graphic designer

This is another job that focuses more on your skills than your certificates or criminal record. And in San Francisco, you can earn up to $61,000 every year as a graphic designer.

Just like many jobs in the tech field, you will need a rich portfolio in order to appeal to employers. So start taking online courses and stay dedicated till you can design like a professional.


Teachers earn very well in San Francisco, and you can join them even if you have a criminal record. As long as your crimes were not violent or serious, you can get the job if you meet the requirements.

Being a teacher means you are in charge of young people, so this job will be good for your reputation. As a teacher in San Francisco, you will earn more than 70,000 dollars.


Being a nurse in San Francisco is a very lucrative white-collar job. Nurses in this area earn 83% more than the national average salary for registered nurses.

It is also a caring professional, which is good for your image as a felon.

Receptionist or front desk officer

If you are a good-looking person, it will be easier for you to get a job as a receptionist. And your criminal record will not matter if you have all the other requirements.

An average front desk officer in San Francisco earns over $40,000 a year. As a result, you could do very well for yourself with this job. Another good news is that you don’t need a degree or any formal certificates to qualify as a receptionist.

Simply attend any training related to the industry in which you wish to work, and then apply for the position.

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