There are many white collar jobs in Utah for you to start. They are felon friendly, they pay well, and you will also get respect from family and friends when you step out to the office every morning.

In this article, you will find some of the jobs that a felon can easily get. Many of the posts here are open for felons that live in the city of Utah. Don’t be intimidated by the requirements, some of them are basic and you can beat other applicants to win your desired job.

Office manager

As an office manager, you will be coordinating the affairs in a given office. You will be carrying out administrative work, and also prepare and process documents as the case may require.  

Invoices and office budgets are part of the things you will work on. So you will need Microsoft office skills. Many companies ask for a bachelor’s degree, but you can get this job without one. It is not a necessity as long as you have a diploma and experience.

Salary is around $80,000 per year.

Host or Hostess

It is important to use all your advantages when applying for a job. And as a felon, this is even more important because your criminal record could restrict your chances.

For most good-looking people, this job is easier to get because of how presentable they appear. So try to look as nice as possible when going for this interview.

As a host or hostess, you will welcome guests, receive patents, suggest menus, and do everything to make people feel welcome. Average pay is usually $53,000 per year.

Customer service representative

As a customer service representative, you may not have to see people at all if you are into telemarketing. But either way, you will need great interpersonal skills and a lot of patience in case customers get emotional.

You can be making up to $35,000 in your first year on this job. Qualifications include a high school diploma or its equivalent, alongside some years of experience.

Appointment coordinator

Clinics, car dealing companies, and many organizations are currently looking for appointment coordinators in Utah. The job entails the vetting of clients and partners’ needs. This will now provide the right way to organize meetings and prepare an appropriate agenda.

You can be earning more than 40,000 in a year on this job. And qualifications are basic, if you have good communication skills and a diploma, you are good to go. A degree and experience are not always required, but they are added advantages.

To further increase your chances, you can take online courses to learn how to organize things in a professional way. After this, volunteer to work in different organizations so you can have experience for your CV.

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