White Collar Jobs for Felons in Colorado!

Hundreds of residents in the USA have felony convictions. If you have a felony conviction, you will know there is hardly any good job for felons. Getting even basic-level jobs is a big challenge for ex-offenders and felons.

However, finding a job that is felon-friendly isn’t difficult. Many ex-felons can get employment besides criminal history thanks to these companies that hire felons. Readers will get to know some of the felon-appropriate jobs in the post.

List of Felon Friendly Jobs in Colorado

So, what jobs can felons get? Start by looking into the potential careers for felons that are listed below.

1. Peer Specialist

This is another appropriate white-collar job for felons. As a Peer Specialist, a person has to help others recover from the mental illness and provide inspiration from their recovery journey. Moreover, peers have to motivate through positive self-disclosure that the recovery is possible.

However, the employee has to set some additional selection criteria before applying. So, it’s better to first understand the company’s requirements.

To apply for the job post, click on this link.

2. Journeyman

Weifield Group Contracting is an electrical installation service in Colorado. Who needs a Journeyman to perform electric-related work. Furthermore, as per their job description, they want a person who can install high-quality electric equipment and assess the field for more improvement. The company also offers various policies for employee favor, such as Life Insurance, HSA Plan, HSA Company contribution, PTO, etc. So, if you are interested in the post, you can apply for it.

To apply for the job post, click on this link.

3. Integrated Product Support Systems Engineer

If you want to earn more and be employed in a white-collar job, this is an appropriate opportunity. A creative and innovative applicant who supports the U.S. space force should apply for this job. But one thing to know is that a person should be highly qualified and have scientific expertise. Other qualification requirements per the company that every candidate must have are a B.S. in Engineering, ten years of experience in the U.S. space force, secret security clearance, etc.

To apply for the job post, click on this link.

4. Contracts Manager

Weifield Group Contracting is also hiring for the post of Contracts Manager. The general job duties include contract management support and advice for the project. Moreover, the person employed in this job post has to provide risk management and serve as the negotiator for the contract. This job position required the applicant to travel to regional offices and be currently working on the project.

To apply for the job post, click on this link.

5. H.R. Compensation Specialist

You will be surprised to know even after a felony, and you can still apply as an H.R. Compensation Specialist. This interesting job has exciting job roles, including conducting research, performing competency modeling, and analyzing compensation. Also, the company wants you to work to consolidate and standardize job functions. So, if you think your qualification matches these requirements, you can surely apply for the job.

To apply for the best white collar jobs for felons in Colorado, click on this link.

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