White collar jobs for felons are no different from the ones that those without a criminal record do. The same skills, time, and qualifications are applied to a job no matter who is doing it. So don’t let anyone make you feel less qualified for anything they can also do.

When searching for a job in Texas, you need a lot of confidence. You may get rejected once or twice, but it is absolutely normal. But if you know the right jobs to look for, your search results will be more positive.

Here are some of the best white collar vacancies for felons in Texas:


So many felons are gainfully employed as marketers in Texas, and they are doing very well. Among all the white collar jobs for felons, marketing is arguably the most lucrative. So you should start getting the skills that will make you a successful marketer.

At entry level, marketers earn about $45,000 in Texas. However, as you advance in your career, your salary can reach $132,000!

Client advocate

Customer satisfaction is a key factor to success in any business. Therefore, there are many vacancies for the role of client advocate in Texas.

As a client advocate, you will be listening to customers and taking note of their grievances. After doing this, you will carefully turn these grievances into actionable items that your organization can find solutions to.

When you get a job as a client advocate in Texas, your salary will be around $48,000 every year.

Program manager

There are many vacancies for the role of a program manager in Texas. It appears in many felon-friendly companies. So, you can easily tell that it is one of the most comfortable white collar jobs for felons in Texas.

As a program manager, you can work anywhere. Your job will basically revolve around overseeing the fulfillment of goals within the company you work for.

There are many program management courses online. Look for a good one that is accredited, then start learning to get the necessary skills for this job.

If you have to pay for program management training, do it. The rewards are worth it, as you could be making over $100,000 in annual salary as a program manager.

Substance abuse counselor

Since you have made mistakes in your life and suffered in jail for them, you are perfect for this job.And you could make almost $60,000 a year working in this profession.

Most young people who engage in substance abuse always feel that nobody can understand them. This is one of the reasons why they don’t listen to advice.

But if someone like you gets the required certifications and training to counsel them, there will be positive results. Which is why felons are succeeding as substance abuse counselors in many states, including Texas.

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