Since felons in Virginia are denied the right to public employment, you may not be able to work as a teacher. So it is advisable to take your mind off that and any job that is linked to public employment.

But there are many other jobs you can do in Virginia as a felon. And some of them are listed below.

Administrative assistant

The job will mainly involve clerical tasks. You will carry out activities to ensure the smooth flow of communication in the office. When visitors come to the office, you will be the first person they encounter, so you must have good interpersonal skills.

You just have to be good with data entry, data processing, and the compilation of reports. This job can get you almost $50,000 a year.

Research analyst

As a research analyst, you will carry out investigations and provide reports from them. These results will be based on securities or assets, and they will be useful to your company and the clients.

The skills you will need for this job are math skills, critical thinking, organizational skills, and the ability to present well.

You could earn more than $100,000 per year. Qualifications include a bachelor’s degree and some experience in a similar role.

Business analyst

You will need a bachelor’s degree in management science or any analytical field. Though this is not a compulsory requirement for all companies, it is an added advantage.

Your job will be to analyze how companies are carrying out their business operations. So you must be familiar with industry policies and also figure out the best ways to resolve issues.

Any degree or certification in business administration or any financial field is good enough to make you qualify. And you could make almost $80,000 as a yearly salary.

Since this job involves finance, any conviction related to theft or fraud will make you ineligible.

Innovation product manager

Project management and critical thinking are very important requirements for this role. And many companies in Virginia are currently looking for professionals to fill this position.

As an innovation manager, you will be creating the strategies that other employees will use to maintain the business or company’s relevance in the market. This involves the right use of resources and a steady support system.

It is a high level role, and most companies pay over $90,000 per annum. Qualifications include a degree, certifications, and ample experience.

Store manager

When you apply for the job of a store manager, you will be responsible for the smooth operation of activities in a company’s store. You will also develop good strategies that will promote sales and develop promotional materials.

You can earn up to $50,000 per year. Take note that a past record of theft could hinder your chances of getting this job.

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