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Making mistakes and learning is human nature. Mistakes of children are excusable, but more significant crimes can lead to real-life consequences. Felony includes violent crimes that result in prison time. The criminal background of a felon can take several opportunities to lead an everyday life.

Also, there are certain positions where felons cannot work. They are automatically disqualified for work related to their felony charges. Some prisoners cannot work near kids, whereas others cannot work at money handling positions.

While these are per-requisites set by the government, several job opportunities are open to felons. But, the companies do not give people with criminal charges any chance to prove their worth and live a fulfilling life.

Top 6 Reasons Companies Should Hire Felons 

Some businesses do offer job opportunities to ex-felons, but many don’t.

There are several reasons for companies hiring ex felons for a job. Here is how companies benefit from hiring felons for the job.

1. Loyalty Towards Company

Companies struggle with high turnover rates as employees come and go. Felons do not have enough opportunities in the job market. Hence, if you find someone with a felony record, they are less likely to leave.

Ex-felons are grateful for job opportunities as it takes them off the street (in many cases). If you employ ex-felons for the job, they are less likely to leave. It will save money and resources companies have to invest in hiring new employees every other month.

Also, long-term employees who understand the business and stand with you are an employer’s dream.

2. Change is Possible

Humans do change with time. A mistake should not be the reason behind complete failure in life. A person willing to work an honest job to earn a decent living after a felony charge should have a chance.

Also, researches on the subject show that most of the ex-offenders hire work just as well as an average hire.

Giving people a chance to live well is a conscious decision that companies need to make. It includes providing job opportunities to ex-felons who want to turn their life around.

3. Bigger Pool of Candidates

Companies that are open to hiring ex-felons for relevant jobs get more candidates. Several skilled ex-felons are trying to lead a better life.

Many ex-offenders have the appropriate qualifications to work at the job and are actively looking for a job.

Companies that opt to keep an ex-felon-friendly environment can reap the benefits of their service.

4. Tax Credit

The government incentivizes employers who hire felons within a year of release from prison. In several cases, the tax credit can go up to $2500 per person the employer hires.

So, hiring ex-felons who are grateful for the opportunity also saves companies significant money. Check the details of tax credit businesses get for hiring ex-felons.

The companies that hire ex-felons help re-integrate them into society while getting tax benefits and improving their operations.

5. Hardworking Individuals

Ex-felons have work ethics as they have to work at the prison as well. For several ex-felons, the main factor for breaking the law was lack of opportunity and economic factors.

They are looking for a chance to prove themselves in front of their family, friends, and society. So, they are more likely to dedicate their working hours appropriately.

6. Helps Lower Re-Offending

Businesses that opt to hire ex-felons are directly responsible for lowering the rates of re-offending. For many people, economic struggles are among the main reasons to commit any crime in the first place.

Allowing them a decent life, with a roof over their head and meals on the table, discourages them from the old ways.

It is also responsible for providing a life of comfort where the idea of going back to prison will deter them from all ill doings.

Wrap Up

Companies that have the resources to giving people the opportunity to change should work for the cause. It is a mutually benefiting contract. Companies save money on taxes and help improve the condition of society.

Also, becoming ex-felons-friendly company sends out a positive message to the community. People will appreciate your efforts to create a better society for all.

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