The pandemic has shown the importance of remote working. While many professionals saw a loss of work, people who could work remotely flourished in the year. Hence, work from home for felons in New York is an ideal choice to get life together.

It helps you stay at home while earning money. Also, remote working does not mean less money. You can take a range of jobs that pay well while staying at home.

But, it also does not mean that you won’t have to do any work. As companies try to gain productivity from individuals, they are taking stricter actions to improve the chances of work while staying at home.

Work from Home for Felons in New York – Professions to Consider

Not all jobs are the same. While many require people to work in an office or reach a place, others can be done remotely.

Felons who look for remote jobs have a range of options. It is the ideal choice for people who work well alone.

In most cases, you would need to know basic computer and mobile operations to work. The companies are willing to offer the initial setup and signing bonus as well.

Some of the jobs to search for remote work include:

Sales Representative – New York City Metro

The work of remote inside sales representatives is to take inbound and outbound calls. It contains calls driven by TV, Third-party Marketing, and Mails. Or, you may have to cold call to get more leads.

Provide the relevant information about the product and cover any details they need to make a buying decision.

Sales representatives also have the opportunity to score bonuses with incentives and an excellent base salary.

Jobs like these come under remote working.

Screen Reader Auditor

Screen readers have the responsibility of doing voiceovers for people who use a screen reader. It can include visually impaired people who do not know how to read the particular language but know how to speak or who enjoy using the portal with voiceover.

The primary function of the screen reader auditor is to ensure that screen reader experiences are as good as the usability of visual experience.

Ex-felons who know about computers, browsers, and mobile devices will do better on the job.

Screen Reader Auditor is an excellent work remote opportunity with a nice paycheck at the end.

Inside Acct Exec-SMB-Inbound

Business Account Executive requires problem-solving skills, a flexible schedule, basic Windows OS knowledge, and an internet connection. A space without distraction will help you get more productivity in the day.

As the work revolves around sales, you will get paid training t to learn the system in most companies. Once you know, start with an advanced sales and retention strategy for the company.

In most cases, you can get away with a High School Diploma or equivalent.

Remote sales jobs come with pressure, but they also offer incentives.

Advocating for a Cause

Several organizations hire people to advocate for specific causes. The work includes making people aware of the situation and your solutions. If the cause is something that you genuinely believe in, it is the perfect match.

These are usually part-time jobs that pay decently. For beginners, there are paid training programs to get them ready for the job.

Script reading and confidence are the keys to your success while advocating for a cause.

Writing Work

Ex-felons with a flair for writing can opt for writing gigs. It requires creativity and the will to write. Some jobs might even come with administrative tasks for the department.

Good writing skills are a must, and some knowledge of social media can help improve your chances of success in the job.

The pay for the job is usually good, and you will find the work engaging.

Ex-felons can also try to find a writing job for a topic that genuinely intrigues them, like beauty or technology. Jobs like these offer the opportunity to build contacts and take your life further.


There are several jobs that offer work from home for Felons in New York. It is an excellent choice for people who want to work without stepping out of their house. Also, before making a big transition back into the world every day, remote jobs can work as a test-run for your working life.

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