When it comes to exploring more opportunities, the work from home for felons gives them the best. It is all about using your skills for the job you are hired for. Secondly, there is no formal interview process and not even background checks. Without going to a place and work, the felons can sit and relax at their own place. They can make some income by doing work from home jobs in their hometown of Pennsylvania.

Meanwhile, felons can take jobs including online tuitions, customer service support, social media manager, and much more. Let us look at the top jobs related to work from home for felons.

Work From Home for Felons in Pennsylvania – Choose the Suitable Ones

Work From Home for Felons – Tasks of Online Survey Professional

One of the best jobs a felon can get while sitting at home. This job gives a better way to earn some income. Further, the responsibilities include taking surveys for the products or services a company provides. It may include fetching positive reviews from the customers.

Social Media Manager

Digital marketing and social media marketing go hand in hand. They are known as one of the best jobs a felon can get. Further, the comfort of working from home gives them better ideas. This job focuses on brand awareness thereby giving growth to the company. Meanwhile, social media management work can help felons earn their livelihood.

Audio & Video Transcriber

There are several documents that are handwritten or some got the printed text erased. To help, the felons are assigned the task of a transcriber. It involves working on the audio and video files that are attached to the documents. Finally, the same can be read easily while following the transcription. However, one who takes this job needs to have fast typing skills. Secondly, good hearing skills also come for help.

Content Writer – Work From Home for Felons

It is all about writing the right things so that they can be read properly. Felons who are good at writing blogs, articles, social media content, etc can take up the job as a content writer. This job takes a lot of creativity where the individual shares their part of perspective added to the text.

Data Entry Work

Work from home for felons includes data entry work that requires many skills. Further, this kind of work involves using the computer. Therefore, the felons should have knowledge and experience of computers and applications for data entry. It does not require many creative skills but just entering data. However, this job may sound boring at times but it pays better.

Curriculum Developer

The job of a curriculum developer is similar to the content writing work. However, here the individual who takes up the job has to produce high-quality material. It is used for instructional designs helpful in the content for different courses. Further, the felons may require working with a small team of members. It depends on the suitability of the job if the person wants to work independently or with others.

Taking Virtual Food Orders

While staying at home, the felons can take up the job of a virtual food server. They just have to take the food orders from the customers and be paid. That is it. Further, nobody will care about the background checks or credibility.

Improve Ads

Yet another interesting work from home job, where the felons are given the task to assess ads. The job includes the task to improve the ads by assessing their content and quality. There are no changes to be done, but just the advice that the felons can give. Meanwhile, the focus is to make the ad perform better.

Online Tuitions

The best thing the person can impart his or her knowledge to others. Online tuitions help the students to learn and move ahead. Meanwhile, a felon should have enough knowledge about the subject. Further, during the COVID-19 pandemic, online tuitions have seen a rise.

Customer Service Professional – Work From Home for Felons

This job involves the work of taking care of customers. The felons respond to phone calls, reply to emails, as well as send text messages. It is all about solving the problems and giving solutions to customers.


Maybe you did a crime but now work from home for felon’s opportunity lets you earn money. It is a great way to work and earn while staying at home. There are no troubles with background checks, interviews, as well as traveling. Grab the jobs, which suit your expertise.

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