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You may know, companies have different hiring processes and policies. Most candidates get rejected because of the resume, as it may not be demonstrating all the skills you have.

Welcome to ReeCareer Professional Resume Writing Service.

We, at ReeCareer, offer you job-winning resumes that set you apart. Resumes that guarantee* Job Success!

Having a felony record doesn’t mean you do not have good skills. Our experts help you create a professional resume that stands out and demonstrates all the good qualities you have. The right experience for the job, in the correct words.

We connect with Executive Writers that know your industry better! That means, real people with an amazing talent write your resume tailored to your job goals.

A Well-versed Resume can make a Difference!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who will write my resume at ReeCareer?

Our professional writer will connect with you to gain knowledge about your career goals. We craft your resume according to the requirements and job goals.

2. What are the pros of getting a professional resume?

We believe that a well-versed resume opens great career opportunities, even if you have a felony record. You get quick job search results to start your fruitful career. With professionally written resume, you have better chances of getting noticed as compared to self-written resumes.

3. How long will the resume-writing process take?

Resume writing depends on the individual users needs and specifications. We believe in customer satisfaction, and creating a resume that stands out, takes time. The process usually takes a 2-3 days, but it can be more depending on your needs.

4. What will be the format for my resume?

Resumes are usually delivered to the users in doc or docx format allowing you to make the changes, if any, later. You can also connect with our experts to make the changes in the resume. We are happy to help!

5. What will be the cost for resume writing?

A poorly-designed and written resume can cost you more than a professionally written one that comes with greater chances of getting a job. Moreover, the resume writing cost is $149. You can connect with our experts for any queries.