The states and federal government have been in the frontline of helping ex-offenders reenter the community through government programs. Indeed, the U.S government aims at correcting and rehabilitating offenders rather than punishing and condemning them.

The United States Department of Justice reports that over 650 000 people are released from state and federal prisons annually. Shockingly, when these people try their luck in employment, they face harsh scrutiny that most can’t pass. As a result, they hardly get employment offers or secure lowly paying jobs. So, most ex-felons end up struggling to meet their basic needs, a factor that contributes to reoffending.

Therefore, it takes the intervention of the government programs to help ex-felons feed, clothe, find accommodation, and employment.

On this page, we enlist all the government programs and incentives strictly meant for ex-felons. The programs are primarily in the form of funding, grants, incentives, policies, and regulations. Examples of the programs are:

The Federal Bonding Program
The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
Home Energy Assistance Program
Housing And Urban Development

In addition to listing the programs, we provide guidance on how to check your eligibility and apply for the same.

Workplace Rights for Felons

Finding employment after serving time in prison can be an uphill battle. Many employers are reluctant to hire applicants with a criminal record which leads to extremely high unemployment rates…

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