For the longest time ever, the United States government, through the Bureau of Prisons (BOP), has acknowledged the significance of training programs as a tool for inmates to enhance their expertise and skills. Further, the bureau appreciates education and training to rectify and inspire prisoners to utilize their time constructively.

As a result, every federal prison has a mandate to an education division that yields educational and recreational activities to Federal prisoners.

These training programs give priority to;

Literacy education
English proficiency and competency
Vocational training
Adult education
On this page, we present all training activities that the state and federal government and other organizations provide to inmates and ex-offenders. Unfortunately, only some prisoners have these educational programs.

Additionally, Involvement in college-level education and vocational training depends on the offender getting a go-ahead from the prison management, passing preliminary exams, and having funds to fully or partially cater for the tuition. Although some offenders are eligible for partial scholarships, others may not qualify and will need to raise the full tuition. Nonetheless, it is the choice of the prisoners to either use their own on these programs or not

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