Find Jobs for Convicted Felons: About and it’s goals

The website contains various options to get jobs for convicted felons. We look for felon friendly jobs.

Welcome to ReeCareer – Jobs, Re-entry Programs and Career Options for Felons!

At Reecareer, we are guided by our motto: Hope is Everything. We are passionate about inspiring felons to secure their dream jobs. Our goal is to have a society that is less judgmental and more accommodative.

The website contains various career options for convicted felons. We look for felon friendly jobs.

Our dedication ensures that former felons train, get jobs and guidance on career options, and serve the community. We fight social evils such as discrimination and rejection, that most job seekers with a dull past face.

Our values: integrity, Fairness, discipline, and motivation help us push forward to achieve our mission.

We have seen and experienced the rejection you go through when looking for jobs and reentering the society. At our goal is to inspire, inform, educate, and guide felons to reenter the community, secure jobs quickly, and live better lives.

Get New Resume: people are trying to help felons by creating a good resume. Look at this page to see if you need a new resume:

Training Programs:

We have a few option, but adding more to new training Programs that could help get jobs for convicted felons.

Are you a felon looking for employment? Reecareer is the right place for you. We hope you find this website informational and get back to the normal life everyone deserves. You can contact us for adding more information.

Also, if you would like to share your story anonymously, we would love to feature that on our website. You could inspire other people to have hope. We believe it is no one’s business to make others hopeless. And so we help those likely to be rejected or discriminated against based on their past conquer.