When an ex-felon applies for a position in the military, he needs to get a waiver. All ex-felons, however, are not eligible for a waiver. 

There are cases wherein an ex-felon is automatically ineligible for enlisting in the army. This depends on the nature of the felony that he was convicted of. Top examples of the same include:

  • Sexual assault, murder, terrorism, and other severe crimes
  • Redundant criminal offences
  • During a five-year period, conducting three or more DWI/DUI offenses
  • Three or more non-traffic civil felonies, such as white-collar crimes and embezzlement
  • Excess of four misdemeanor convictions
  • All convictions/charges associated with smuggling, distributing, or selling illegal drugs
  • Parole, bail bonds, probation, house arrest, or other judicial restraint and bonds
  • Failing the drug tests. This covers the case of those who commit drug or alcohol abuse crimes when they are attempting to join the military.
  • Former army men who were discharged because of criminal or disciplinary issues are ineligible to be enlisted in the military. However, if an army man voluntarily left the army or finishes his services, he is eligible to rejoin the army, even if he has a felony.

In case any of these situations are applicable to you, you can’t join the army with a felony, and applying for a waiver is no longer an option.

Six categories of waivers

The military permits ex-convicts to get the following six categories of waivers, based on violation or crime type.

  1. Minor traffic offences

A driving infraction or speeding ticket does not disqualify one from enlisting and does not call for a waiver. A waiver will be required upon conducting six or more minor traffic offenses wherein each called for at least a hundred dollar fine.

  1. Serious traffic offences

This category vastly covers DWI and DUI convictions. When DUI convictions are two or more, a waiver is required. This is available only after a year passes after the last DUI conviction.

  1. Minor general civil offenses

If an applicant has been convicted for three or more minor infractions or violations, he’d require a waiver to join the army.

  1. Serious general civil offences

If a military aspirant has between two and four misdemeanor offenses, he can get a waiver for enlisting. The fifth offense will automatically disqualify him.

  1. Illegal drug violations

Convicts who had earlier carried out crimes associated with the possession of controlled substances would require a waiver. However, if an ex-felon is convicted of selling illicit drugs, the army doesn’t issue a waiver for him.

  1. Felonies

If an individual is guilty of a single felony, he can request a waiver. However, someone guilty of multiple felonies cannot enlist and cannot request a waiver.

The criterion that the military uses for defining infractions and crimes is its own and could be separate from local and state laws. There are cases wherein state laws treat a crime as a misdemeanor. But, if the federal law treats it as a felony, the applicant would have to request a waiver.

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