One of the key objectives of creating a Resume is to make sure that it passes an employer’s initial screening. For your job hunt, your Resume is an essential document. You get to showcase your skills, achievements, qualifications, experience, and hobbies in your Resume.

A perfectly written Resume will impress your employer and increase the odds of getting shortlisted. One expects recruiters to keep busy. So, optimizing the top quarter of your Resume will help get their attention.

In this blog post, we share some insights to make your Resume stand out.

Apply for jobs that seek resources with your qualifications

When applying for any job, first research whether or not you are fit for the profile. All job posts will have a requirement section that you should go through to tally your qualifications and experience levels with the job description. If your Resume does not list the stated capabilities, it is likely to be ruled out automatically.

Customize your resume writing for convicted felons based on the job post

 A customized resume is more likely than a generic resume to catch the hiring manager’s attention. So, it is a recommendable practice to fine-tune your resume writing for convicted felons such that it aligns with your job requirements.

Hundreds of applicants are likely to have applied for the same job. Under such circumstances, it is going to be difficult for a hiring manager to focus on a resume that discusses generic traits like hobbies, academics, and work experience. 

Instead, the inclination of a hiring manager is going to be on the traits that make a difference to his organization. A recruiter will be more inclined towards resumes that applicants spend time making over.

So, when you are looking to create a job-winning resume, you should mention how you’ll be benefitting the company with your experience and expertise.

Focus on achievements and skills

An important focus area for your resume is the achievements section. This may have something to do with your achievements at your last job and brings credibility to your resume.

You may also want to mention your skills in your resume as the initial screening of your resume takes place based on your skills. Recruiters are frequently seeking a team player who is self-motivated, communicative, and easy to work with. So, a few of the top skills that you may want to mention in your Resume include interpersonal skills, team player, and communication skills.

Attach a cover letter

Before the interview rounds begin, a cover letter will allow you to explain yourself. This lets you specify why you perceive yourself to be the best candidate for the job. Frequently, the CVs that stand out are accompanied by cover letters.


Before submitting your application, you’d want to proofread both the CV and the cover letter and edit them. Try and make sure that the documents are free from any punctuation, grammatical, or typing errors. This poses a good impression on the hiring manager and he is then more likely to arrange for an interview for you.


Resume writing helps all job seekers. As a felon, when you intend to get tips on Resume writing, ReeCareer will help you out.

ReeCareer makes available elaborate resources for felons, including jobs and career support, counselling, and rehabilitation. We intend to slowly and gradually reintegrate felons in the workforce and the society.

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