Reentering the workforce is always treated as a difficult task for everyone. The matter becomes even more problematic if the person is with a criminal record. Luckily, this scenario is changing fast. These days you can find many second chance jobs for felons. Most of the time, these jobs come in the form of warehouse jobs. There is no doubt the warehouse sector is an ideal place to search for jobs. And the reason is pretty simple. Every year this sector offers lots of warehouse jobs that hire felons. Employers in this sector have no issue with hiring them.

This is mainly because of the reason that ex-cons generally receive some training in prison that fits with the job needs of this sector. Besides, felons tend to have a greater commitment to secure their jobs. However, there are lots of job openings available in different positions. So, it is important to have a clear idea about which type of warehouse jobs are ideal for them. In this article, we will discuss the type of warehouse jobs that hire felons in 2022.

Hand Laborer or Material Mover

Working as a hand laborer or material mover can be a promising career path for ex-cons. These warehouse jobs that hire felons don’t have formal education requirements. The only thing matters are their physical ability to perform the task. In fact, their role is to move the packed products manually from one location to another. Besides that, they are in charge of packing the product as per the company standards. In addition, they have to maintain records of shipped products by date and location. Furthermore, they are responsible for keeping the workspace clean and maintained.

Undeniably, most hand laborers and material movers work on a full-time basis. And the reason is materials can be shipped at any time. So, warehouse workers have to work on an overnight shift basis. And most importantly, this type of job offers decent pay. The average salary in this profession is $30,490 per year as of May 2021.

Picker Packer

This is another interesting warehouse job that has attracted many ex-cons in recent times. In fact, their role is to prepare products for shipment along with loading and unloading all the carrying material. Besides, they are often in charge of sorting and labeling materials. No doubt, these types of warehouse jobs offer nice pay. The average salary in this profession is $29,270 per year as of May 2021.

Inventory Clerk

Inventory clerks are the professionals who are in charge of keeping track of products stored in a warehouse. Besides that, they have to keep and maintain a record of all dispatched items. Furthermore, they are responsible for preparing reports in case there are any updates and changes at the production level. Most importantly, this profession offers an average salary of $31,170 per year. So, ex-cons can treat this profession as a promising one to restart their career.

Maintenance Technician

Another promising career choice for ex-cons is working as a maintenance technician. In fact, this type of job needs workers with the ability to fix and maintain different machines and equipment with ease. Besides, the role of a maintenance technician is to perform routine inspections to identify problems along with offering solutions. 

If we look at the average salary of this profession, it offers an average salary of $43,180 per year. So, if you have some basic skills in fixing the problems associated with machines and equipment, you can definitely try this profession. 

Final Thoughts

We hope now you have a solid knowledge of the types of warehouse jobs that hire felons in 2022. However, it is important for you to know how to approach a job interview with a criminal record. We always advise our readers not to lie or make any excuse for their past crimes. Try to be honest and upfront as much as they can. Ultimately, they have to convince the interviewer by showing how much they are committed to working hard. We strongly believe if they follow our suggestion, it will boost their chances of getting hired for the warehouse jobs that hire felons

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