Two things; one is that the trucking industry is more welcoming for felons as compared to other working domains. Secondly, trucking Jobs Hiring Felons are generally high paying.

Truck driving is considered one of the High Paying Jobs for Felons 

The general assumption is that truck drivers make a decent amount of money. But, it is more like making decent money while not being at home and paying more for the overpriced food available at truck shops.

How much money do truck drivers make?

In most cases, one expects truck drivers to be paid by the mile. In a week, a truck driver is going to drive 2k to 2.7k miles.

Now if a truck driver brings with himself a reasonable bit of experience, he’s going to get paid more. This would be something in the line of 50 cents a mile. 

This way, the truck driver’s income is going to be something like 2.3k miles X 50 cents, which is 1.15k dollars a week.

Additional pay also comes into the picture, which is vastly as safety bonus, tarp pay, and detention pay.

If your weekly additional pay is $50, the total weekly income will be $50 + $1,150 = $1,200 a week.

This sounds like a decent amount. However, this will require you to work for around 70 hours weekly. You’d be making 17 dollars an hour.

How much does a truck driver with no prior work experience make each week?

In case an ex-felon brings no prior experience with him in trucking, making $1,200 is going to be difficult. Instead, you are likely to be making something in the range of $500-$600 weekly.

You could be making more money, but that will be only when you are sincere in your job and manage to steer clear of accidents and driving tickets.

As a beginner driver in the trucking business, one should make it a point to not switch jobs quickly. Your future in the trucking industry is going to be reasonably brighter if you stick to your first job for at least two years.

Attending trucking schools and getting your CDL

The way to get a trucking job is to get your CDL and learn at a driving school. It is strongly recommended to not do so unless you are sure that you can get a trucking job.

The top reasons that hinder you from being hired as a truck driver include:

  1. Medical reasons
  2. Driving record
  3. Criminal record

In the case of many trucking companies, pre-hiring does not take place. Pre-hiring implies that the trucking company will be willing to hire you if you get your CDL.

You can request a trucking company to prehire you by calling a recruiter. Discuss your felony conviction or any other convictions at this point. Transparency is the best policy.


Some trucking schools are outright expensive. However, all that concerns trucking companies is whether or not you hold your CDL. You can make a choice accordingly.

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