Applying to a trucking company for a job as a truck driver is different from applying for most other jobs because job requirements are also unique. Before hiring and truck-driving aspirant, a trucking company has to find itself in compliance with the strict regulations that have been set forth by FMCSA. By the law, they need to scan your past in detail and come to know of a lot of different things.

Let us consider how an ex-felon should maintain his demeanor when being interviewed for the position of truck driver:

  1. Honesty

In any application that you fill, you need to be honest. The law requires trucking companies to investigate your past before they hire you. They’ll come to know of your conviction(s) eventually. If caught being dishonest, lying, or stretching the truth, you could be blacklisted.

  1. Employment History

By the law, a trucking company needs to look into your history for the past ten years. Within these ten years, you may be required to explain any gaps in employment that extended over 30 days. It is highly recommended to share the correct contact details of all prior employers alongside accurate dates of employment. If you are unemployed, it doesn’t matter to them, so tell them. Knowing is important for them to avoid trouble.

  1. Driving Record

Your past driving record, which is your DMV report, will be thoroughly studied. If traffic infractions have been frequent or you have received several speeding tickets, the issue will be problematic. 

It is recommended to obtain a copy of your DMV report beforehand such that you are aware of what is exactly on it before you apply for a truck driver’s job. It is unlikely for all past violations to show on it.

  1. Medical Certification 

A truck driver who holds a valid CDL needs to be medically qualified regularly. In case you have been afflicted by conditions such as sleep apnea, diabetes, or hypertension, it goes to show that you are not medically fit to drive a commercial vehicle. So, before you spend financially on becoming a traffic driver, go for a DOT medical exam. 

Felony expungement could be an option available for your benefit

It may be possible that even after applying to a large number of trucking companies, you are facing difficulties landing a job as a truck driver. The underlying reason could be your felony conviction(s). 

In such a case, an ex-felon should consider if his felony could be expunged. Laws for each state are different, but it is an idea to be considered. This will put you in a better position to secure a job as a truck driver.

Background check limits do not apply to truck drivers

Some states specify that background checks can go for as further as seven years. However, if an ex-felon applies to a trucking company for a job as a truck driver, this does not stand to be true.

While federal law calls for a lifetime background check, trucking companies go ahead with it.

ReCareers makes available elaborate resources for the benefit of ex-felons. They include Rehabilitation Programs for Felons, Felon Housing Programs, and jobs hiring felons.

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