On Jan. 19, New York City Mayor Eric Adams vetoed a bill that would have effectively banned solitary confinement in his city’s jails. Incarcerated writer Chris Blackwell and CUNY Law Professor Deborah Zalesne share why the practice is so horrific. Photo by Tyler Rutherford on UnsplashWhen I was twelve, I was stripped of all my clothing, hogtied, and tossed into a cold concrete room by three large prison staff members who could have played professional football given their size. I laid in that room for hours before I was untied and given clothing. Since then, I’ve continuously been in the custody of Washington State. I’m currently serving a 45-year sentence. I’ve been sent to solitary confinement countless times, often for questionable reasons. Rather than rehabilitate, my time in isolation has only exacerbated my anger, resentment, and shame. Solitary confinement caused anxiety and depression to surface that would not be treated… 


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