Felons always ask if trade schools accept people with a criminal record. And the answer is that they do. Which is a very good development because it means they have the necessary means to turn anyone into an expert.

Only a few trade schools reject felons. And they are too few to even affect your chances, so it is best to just focus on the skills you want to acquire.

White collar jobs are not for everyone. Even among people that don’t have a felony conviction, certain skills are preferred over cubicle jobs. So if you want to make a good life for yourself, enrol in a trade school.

With a good training program, a recognized trading school will equip you with skills and certificates. These are the things you will need to get a high paying job no matter where you live.

Common trade school offers for felons

As a felon, you should already know that there are jobs you will excel at more than others. These are the jobs you should link to the training you will get at your preferred trade school.

If you use this method of linking the job felons are most likely to get with a skill you have a talent for, there is no way that you won’t pick the perfect program to learn. For example, if you are naturally good at fixing things, welding is a good choice.

This is because welding is one of the highest-paying jobs that a felon can do in any state. So if you are good at fixing things or have some experience with fabrication, welding will make you wealthy.

So before you enrol in a trade school, figure out what you are already good at and match it to a felon-friendly job. If you are still having difficulties, here are some of the common offers that trade schools give to felons.

These courses are linked to high-paying jobs that are also felon-friendly. And since many felons enrol for them, it has almost become automatic to train felons in the following professions:

  • Welding: you can make $30,000 to $35,000 per year at entry level.
  • Manufacturing technician: you can make $33,000 at entry level.
  • Auto body technician: you can make $55,800 per year at entry level. You will also get overtime pay of about $7,000.
  • HVAC technician: this one is very popular for felons. You can make $42,900 per year at entry level.
  • Diesel technician: you can make up to $45,000 per year.

Trade schools for you

Also known as “vocational colleges,” these are the trade schools you can enroll in.

  • North central kansas technical college
  • Manhattan area technical college
  • Dakota county technical college
  • Bates Technical College
  • North Louisiana Technical Institute
  • Thaddeus Stevens Technical College
  • And so many more.

These trade schools take only two years of training and study.

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